Keneth Donald Rogers,country singer,photografer,actor.Command the Group USA for África,that have like goal the help to victims of
hungry and diseases.
          Born in Texas,Houston in 1938-August-21 has 74 years  old.Married with Wanda Miller since 1977 , they have five sons.
Well I was going to do a CD review of Kenny,but when I open my
eyes…what trouble…the guy is too much good….My God!!!What I do
????Simple!Write an  article about this Country Man and after do the CD
         Going in front,to us is only
take a look at Kenny and comes in our minds the word-Country!!!He is
without doubt The Country Man,like Dolly Parton is the Country
Lady!!!Do’nt you fell that?The figure of  Kenny Rogers is all
country…his musics are experiences that we dont forgett
         To us , the music You and I
with him and The Bee Gees sounds like a hymn!!! is a imortal music!When
we listen this music and it goes to the end, I put again because  it
gives me the impression that somethings goes and do’nt return…and put
again to play!!!In my mind it occurs because the music is so very good
and I dont want the end…is that!!
         I beg your pardon,but this way of life named country is very intriging to me!
I,Ronaldo,fell myself like a Country man!And
you,Regina?OK!Understand,you are ,but  is a …in good english…a
modern country woman!Rigth? But I am a Old Contry man!!The way Country
comes with us,you do’nt have choice ,or you are or
         Returning to the great 
Kenny,,his musics are marks in ours lifes…things that we
live,listening his musics!!When he sings with another Pearson,  is a
gentleman and put the other Pearson confortable….is really a
gentleman!!!!The Roger’s voice is a particular thing! He and the Bee
Gees singing together is wonderfull!The sounds of each voice has his own
way and only listen to fell!!!Theres no another music like that…to me
is perfect!!!
          If we want ,we can speak
about Kenny for years,but I have a hard work…choice a CD to do my
review to Country Music newsInternational…is not easy…but I do it!
Well, all of you want to know …what CD I do the review?You want to
know???Or today or tomorrow you
know that!!!Kenny Rogers,The Country Man!!!!To my friend,Kenny, I pray
to God give him all that he wants,and thanks for your music!!!!See you
in CD reviews,soooooooon!
Regina and Ronaldo,from Campos dos
Goytacazes,Brasil for Country Music News International

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