Kenny Chesney Hits Platinum Tickets

Kenny Chesney Hits Platinum Tickets Early June, He’s Already at 1,089,000 Tickets & Still Selling

Maybe it’s the 19 stadiums… Or the fact that it started in March…
But when the tour accountant for the 2013 No Shoes Nation Tour did his
tally last weekend, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Here, in the second
weekend of June, Kenny Chesney had already sold over a million tickets!
The man The Wall Street Journal has hailed as “The King of the Road” has
sold 1,089,000 tickets – and is still selling!

“I don’t think about stuff like that,” Chesney says. “All
I’m trying to do is make sure that for that one night when people come
out to party with us, they forget what’s wrong, they have all the good
time they can handle and they go home feeling like they had the best
night of their summer. If I can do that with music, then I feel like
I’ve done what I set out to do… cause for me, that’s what music is for!”

Having sold in excess of a million tickets on each of his
past ten tours, Chesney has become the mark of summer for people coming
of age over the past decade. With The Philadelphia Inquirer raving
about last weekend’s sold-out show for the fourth straight time,
“Saturday night’s stop of Chesney’s No Shoes Nation tour at Lincoln
Financial Field was packed to the rafters with fans who’d tailgated like
it was a Sunday at an Eagles game…It’s this common touch with common
folk that keeps him uncommonly beloved.

As “Pirate Flag,” the nod to rebellion right where you
lead anthem, has been certified gold for over a half million downloads
and the deeply soul-searching Life On A Rock marks Chesney’s seventh
all-genre #1 Billboard Top 200 Albums debut, the songwriter from
Luttrell, Tennessee understands walking the line between firing people
up and offering them a place where they can take stock of their life,
their love and the moments that make them who they are. More than any
one or three hit singles, he embraces the way people live.

“I’m glad people hear their lives in this music,” he says
of his enduring success. “I am always humbled when people tell me they
plan their summer around coming to the show, because I remember being
that kind of fan. I try to be the artist I would’ve wanted my favorite
singers to be – and make sure that we give people the best show we can
every time we get up there. To me, that’s the most important thing… and
the fans can tell.

“Maybe that’s why we’ve hit that million ticket mark so early this year.”

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