Ken Wilber – Freedom Song

CD Review: Ken Wilber – Freedom Song

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

If you’re looking to ‘’emancipate yourself from mental slavery’’ in the words of the great Bob Marley, then look no further! ‘Freedom Song’ by Ken Wilber is the way to go for all of you country faithful’s out there. Not only does it have resonance with its far-reaching audience, but is also a moving, heart-warming, and optimistic piece of music lending a hand to those willing to listen even in the darkest moments that life can throw in our direction.

The song was released last year in November 2020 during the height of the pandemic and the lockdown period. It is fair to say that it sounds just as powerful and liberating as it did almost a year ago. It is a song sure to live long in the memory of country critics and is almost impossible to not playback and revisit from time to time. The lyrics are a mixture of expressing one’s dismay with life combined with a hint of hope and belief that better things are just around the corner. You can watch the music video on YouTube by clicking on the following link. (138) Freedom Song Lyric Video – Ken Wilber – YouTube.

The track is about feeling dejected, rundown, and overworked as Wilber starts to dream of escapism and a break from the daily arduous routine. Lyrics such as ‘’Chasin’ down the blue skies in my old truck/tune the world out, turn my radio up’’ places strong emphasis on his desire to simply escape the backbreaking routine that has him trapped as he is daydreams about heading down the wide-open country roads in search of peace.

The reflective and powerful message is backed by a common meter and a drumbeat pushing the tune along to give it somewhat of a swing feel as well as decorating the transitions of the song with short, improvised fills to compliment the message as opposed to distracting the significance of the track which can be done by overplaying. Stay tuned to Country Music News International for upcoming releases, concerts, and tour dates.

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