Kelsea Ballerini I Quit Drinking

Kelsea Ballerini I Quit Drinking

by Snehashree Mandal for Country Music News International


Like we were written down in permanent marker

 Not even the brightest sun could ever fade

 Come whichever hell or high water

 It was always me and you either way


Kelsea Ballerini, one of the most influential songwriter and country musicians in the history of country music. She has been bitten by the musical bug long before life even could be called growing. As a child, she began writing songs and put forth her first album The First Time in 2015.

She was 14 when she had first auditioned for a song when she barely knew how to play the guitar right. After listening to her, the man with the label responded stating Taylor Swift had already filled the place. With star-filled eyes, the reply came as a shock to the young girl when she carried home a lesson from this incident. She knew she would have to take a plunge deeper than where she was standing.

Her father had worked as a sales manager in a country studio and thus Ballerini was always in touch with music, she knew country music and loved it from the core of her heart. It was her deep interest in this musical form that made her through the struggling years.

Initially, she began with dance lessons but by the age of ten, she switched over to songwriting and singing. She sang initially for the choir of her school and also for her church. Her first song was dedicated to her mother and she wrote it when she was 12.


Hey we wrote our own story

 Full of blood sweat and heartbeats

 We didn’t do it for the fame or the glory

 We just did it for you and me


Three years from there, she had moved to Nashville to pursue her dream. At 19, she signed with Black River Entertainment. Her debut single, Love Me Like You Mean It was released in late 2014. In November, she also released an extended play that she had self-titled. She also performed at the Grand Ole Opry on 14th February 2015.


It was in May 2015, that her first debut album was released and for her, it felt like she had waited forever for this very moment to emanate.


After Carrie Underwood’s solo, it was Ballerini who hit the number one slots of the Billboard Country Airplay charts. She is the 11th in history to achieve such a feat. She is also the fifth solo female country musician for whom there are two back-to-back hits when Dibs rocked the stages and radio stations. But then Peter Pan came up and then it was an all three single rows to number one since Wynonna Judd.


In the earlier part of 2017, Ballerini was slotted as the “Forbes 30 under 30.” In 2017, she vocalized for her husband Morgan Evans song, “Dance with Me.” It was on 5th March 2019, that Ballerini was invited to the Little Big Town for her induction ceremony by the Grand Ole Opry and she was ushered in by Carrie Underwood here.


Her third album release was confirmed by Kelsea through a post in 2019 and the self-titled album Kelsea was released on the 20th March 2020.

Her musical inspirations don’t talk of the country in any form or way. She is inspired all her growing years by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, and Keith Urban to an extent. However, she confirmed that she does love pop music and ends up listening to them a lot, and for her even most of it is country-pop but then the country is her priority and she wants to keep moving ahead in it, not away from it.


This is how she wishes to live on with country music and her husband Morgan Evans by her side. There is always a long way for those who take themselves seriously and she knew right in her childhood if she could take herself seriously, all around her would slowly do the same. She followed her stars to reach her destiny and keeps climbing one after the other stars to pursue that magic she has within her.


We were golden, we were fire, we were magic

 Yeah and they all knew our names all over town

 We had it made in the middle of the madness

 We were neon in a gray cloud


Kelsea Ballerini has an upcoming poetry bookFeel your way through” on her site for you to explore apart from her stage shows and much more that is yet to come up.

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