Keith Urban – The Speed of Now Part 1

CD Review:  The Speed of Now Part 1 – Keith Urban

by Denise Labrie for Country Music News International

Out The Cage (feat. Breland and Nile Rogers)

One Too Many (duet with Pink)

Live With


Change Your Mind


Say Something

Soul Food

Ain’t It Like a Woman

With You


God Whispered Your Name


Better Than I Am

We Were (feat. Eric Church)

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and I am ordering gifts online for my closest relatives this year.  As I search for gifts over the high speed internet, I am listening to Keith Urban’s The Speed of Now Part 1. Covid has changed our lives so much that the way we celebrate the holidays and shop for gifts now has totally changed.

Keith Urban is synonymous with great music and lyrics. Even though the CD was recorded prior to Covid, this CD turns out to be a sign of the times for what we are all currently going through.


Out The Cage

This song has a nice vibey drum and guitar intro that is woven throughout the song. Poignant lyrics like  “…been trapped in here quite a while wonder if I’ll make it out…I miss my friends I miss the sky,” is the way I feel sometimes living through this global pandemic. At the end of the song, the lyrics uplift with the declaration that “You can’t break me. There’s a new day comin’.”


One Too Many

A bluesy guitar intro opens with the all too real life experiences of drinking way too much alcohol. Pink compliments Keith’s vocals in the chorus. Nice guitar strummin’ in the verses and releases in the pre-chorus of “oh-oh ooh-yeah.” The chorus ends with the catchy lyrics “I’ve had one too many come take me home.” The song has a great melody and a spectacular guitar solo.  I’ve seen the consequences of those one too many drinks and the effect that they can have on the lives of those around you.


Change Your Mind

Admitting all the wrongs, after it’s too late to make those changes that would have averted the present dire outcome, is what this song exemplifies. Easy to listen to vocals, lyrics and music with pulsating guitar solos soar through the heart of this song. The chorus asks the question I and many have contemplated before in a lost relationship “Is it too late to try?”


Soul Food

Strong drumbeats power you through this song from beginning to end. I can relate to being so fortunate to be able to live your life with your soulmate. “Your so good you’re my soul food,” what more could be said to express what it is like to experience a truly spiritual and loving relationship. The vocals are especially soulful on this number.


God Whispered Your Name

A take you to church opening begins with a soft organ accompaniment. I believe that love can be a faith filled experience just like religion, when you are with the one you are meant to be with. Keith explains, “I’m never gonna be the same when God whispered your name.”  Urban’s vocals and musicianship are versatile enough to do natural born justice to the genre of Gospel.


Better Than I Am

Keith asks’ “Am I swimmin’ to keep from drownin’?” I have felt this way before at times and especially during this pandemic. The music has a steady build to it as the verses keep encouraging us all to live like we’re better than we are. The guitar solo is mesmerizing and projects an uplifting light filled mood in the midst of any darkness that one may be going through.


We Were

Guitar notes beckon you into a small town first romance scene. Verses are spot on in describing those precious young memories. The music supports the vocals beautifully. A righteous guitar solo strides along the melody. The lyrics, “I just miss who I was when we were,” causes me reminisce about a young romance that I once had where I can share the same sentiment.


I ended up placing several orders online for Valentine’s candy delivery to my love ones. Listening to this CD made the time spent shopping speed by effortlessly. No matter what genre you enjoy, The Speed of Now Part 1 has something to offer everyone: country love, bluesy introspection, gospel filled faith, rock and roll letting go and easy listening uplifting encouragement.


Denise Labrie


Reporting for Country Music News International


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