This Friday marks
the release of Keith Urban’s GRAFFITI U, his first new studio album in
nearly two years.  The much-anticipated follow up to 2016’s
record-breaking, #1 platinum album RIPCORD, GRAFFITI U is
a natural musical progression that began with FUSE, but it also marks
where Urban currently resides creatively. It’s this sense of presence
during his writing and recording process that gives each of Urban’s
albums an unabashed honesty and authenticity.

“There were no
parameters or preconceived ideas,” says Urban.  “I began this process
with a completely blank canvas. Every initial spark is organic and then
expanded upon, like the art of graffiti, so the
name really fit the music. I also liked the idea of “you” the listener
(or the audience), because this is an inclusive experience. And because
of my last name we had a little grammatical fun and shortened it to U.”

A soaring spirit
spray-painted right from the heart, Urban’s curiosity powers each moment
on GRAFFITI U and the very title speaks to that personal and passionate
vibrancy, vitality, and vision.

After nine full-length studio albums and millions of, songs, albums and tickets sold worldwide, of his
drive to collaborate and explore hismusical
curiosity Urban says, “I’ve always been creatively curious and I follow
that passionately. That’s why I work with different people, and on this
album predominantly new people, giving me
an opportunity to discover new musical sides of myself.” 

has already seen the release of “Female” and “Coming Home,” features
over thirty songwriting, producer and featured guest performance
credits, including Greg Wells, Dann Huff, Mike Elizondo,
Ed Sheeran, Ross Copperman, JHart, Julia Michaels, Nicolle Galyon, J.R.
Rotem, Shane McAnally,
Shy Carter and a signature lick for “Coming Home,” which credits
Merle Haggard as one of its songwriters. Urban himself is a writer or
producer on all but one of GRAFFITI U’s songs.


Coming Home (Featuring Julia Michaels)

Written by Keith Urban, J.R. Rotem, Julia Michaels, Merle Haggard, Nicolle Galyon

Produced by J.R. Rotem & Keith Urban

Never Comin Down

Written by Keith Urban, Josh Kerr, James Abrahart, Shy Carter

Produced by Josh Kerr & Keith Urban

Same Heart

Written by Keith Urban, Jason Evigan, Emily Weisband, Jordan Minton

Produced by Jason Evigan & Keith Urban

My Wave (Featuring Shy Carter)

Written by Keith Urban, Greg Wells, Shy Carter

Produced by Greg Wells & Keith Urban

Parallel Line

Written by Ed Sheeran, Benjamin Levin, Johnny McDaid, Julia Michaels, Amy Wadge

Contains elements of
“Everglow” courtesy of Chris Martin, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland, Guy
Berryman, Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen used by permission.

Produced by Benny Blanco, Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid & Keith Urban

Drop Top (Featuring Kassi Ashton)

Written by Keith Urban, Jimmy Robbins, Mozella, Josh Osborne

Produced by Jesse Shatkin, Jimmy Robbins & Keith Urban

Way Too Long

Written by Oscar Holter, Julia Michaels, Nate Ruess

Produced by Oscar Holter for Wolf Cousins Productions

Horses (Featuring Lindsay Ell)

Written by Matt Rad, Mozella, Jamie Scott

Produced by Matt Rad & Keith Urban


Written by Keith Urban, Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Ian Kirkpatrick

Produced by Ian Kirkpatrick & Keith Urban

Texas Time

Written by Max Townsley, Drew Erickson, Steve Lindsey, Dillon O’Brian

Produced by Mike Elizondo & Keith Urban

Love The Way It Hurts (So Good)

Written by Keith Urban, Ben Berger, Ryan Rabin, Ryan McMahon

Produced by Captain Cuts & Keith Urban


Written by Nicolle Galyon, Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally

Produced by Ross Copperman, Dann Huff & Keith Urban

Steal My Thunder

Written by Keith Urban, Jason Evigan, Emily Weisband, Jordan Minton

Produced by Jason Evigan & Keith Urban

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