KAYLA ADAMS Lights A Fire With Debut Single, “Sober & Sorry”

KAYLA ADAMS Lights A Fire With Debut Single, “Sober & Sorry”
Track Resonating At Radio, Available Via CDX 597 & Play MPE
“She’s got the heart of a gypsy and the voice of a star.”
– Andrea Blair, MONTANA WOMAN
Nashville, TN (June 16, 2014) – Newcomer KAYLA ADAMS is lighting a fire at radio with her debut single, Sober & Sorry(SSM
Entertainment).  The track, available to radio now via CDX 597 (Track
5) and Play MPE, is a Rock-tinged, straight-shootin’ Country girl’s
answer to good love gone bad.  Written by Adams, Billy Atherholt
(Montgomery Gentry, Chris Daughtry) and Pete Nanney (Chris Daughtry), “Sober & Sorry”
tells a tale of a woman wronged and vengeance sought.  Inspired by a
past relationship, Kayla confides, “I didn’t burn his house down, but I
wanted to.  Instead, I just walked away.” 
These matches-getting restless
Don’t wanna-feel useless
Kerosene in my truck, been waiting all year to burn somethin’ up
You’re out-with the guys
Well that ain’t no surprise
I’m tired of waiting by the phone
Gonna have a little party of my own
You’ll wake up sober and sorry
Start a fire, bring the hurt
Pile it up, watch it burn
First the keys to your car
Then your records and your old guitar
All your clothes turned to dust
Every last picture of us
Believe me you’ll wake up sober and sorry
voice grabs the listener like a vice; the razor sharp electric guitar
of JT Corenflos drives a track that pounds with the prominent bass of
Mark Burchfield and the rock-solid beat set by stick master Steve
Brewster.  Music City legend Wanda Vick weaves her magic on dobro,
mandolin, acoustic guitar and banjo while Jeff Roach slices the keys in
counterpoint to Mike Payne’s gripping guitar work.  Produced by Marlon
Dean Scallan, the single offers an immediacy that demands the listener’s
attention – and keeps it; heart pounding and a**-kicking.

Kayla performed the song for an enthralled crowd at Renegade Radio Nashville All-Star 3rd Anniversary Party
during CMA Music Fest Week.  This week, the blond, blue-eyed
24-year-old beauty will visit programmers in New York as she continues
her radio promotion tour that has already hit stations in Arkansas,
Kentucky and Tennessee. 

RADIO is saying:
a world of pre-fabricated singers she is a genuine, bona fide artist …
if Nashville is looking for the next big female artist they should feast
their eyes and ears on Kayla.”
        Jarrett Jackson, KCJC FM
breath of fresh air in a musical environment that’s primed for someone
new, exciting and real.  Her voice, emotion and conviction make Kayla
today’s newest and brightest ray of sunshine.”
        JR Runyon, KCNY FM 
“Kayla Adams is ‘spitfire country’ and full of energy!”
        Robert Freeman, WDKN FM
“She sings, plays guitar, writes songs and has a fantastic personality.  All the ingredients to be a ‘Country Star.’”
        Tom Duke, KQUS FM
avid outdoorswoman whose thought-provoking songwriting is as melodic as
it is memorable, Kayla draws inspiration for her songs from the wide
open spaces of her Montana farm raising.  One of the most exciting young
female contemporary Country singers to hit the Nashville music scene in
recent years, Adams captivates live audiences with her honesty and a
genuine love for people and for the music.  At 24, she is already a
veteran of years on the stage – as both a band member and solo performer
– in her home state and throughout the U.S.  To date, Kayla has shared
the stage with acts as diverse as Kellie Pickler, Rodney Atkins, LL Cool
J, Heidi Newfield, and Smashmouth.  A self-proclaimed computer geek,
she has attended both Belmont University (Nashville) and the famed Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music
(Hollywood).  Kayla currently resides in Nashville with her Yorkshire
Terrier, Tory.  She loves giant roller coasters, enchiladas, Italian
food, her Smart Car and Ford F350 Superduty Crew Cab Long Box truck.  In
her spare time, Adams enjoys Snowboarding, boating, wakeboarding and
Fans can stay social with Kayla at:

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