Jordan Anderson Interview

Jordan Anderson Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Everyone has an American Dream. For country recording artist Jordan Anderson, that dream has always revolved around music. With a gift for story telling and passion for the art of songwriting, the works she pens are given life with a voice as pure and honest as the unbounded smile on her face. But unlike many, Anderson’s dream of a career in music is fueled by a sincere desire and sense for social responsibility. “My goal is to be able to share the gift of music with others and provide an experience that’s positive and uplifting in a world where we aren’t always exposed to positive things. If my music only touches one person’s life, it would all be worth it.”

The Loveland, Colorado native learned the foundation of building that American dream with a strong work ethic developed by years of helping out on the family farm. Her natural gift for music was obvious to family and friends from her first breath. “I basically came out of the womb singing,” she laughs. Immersed in country music, it came as no surprise when, at the start of her career, Anderson gravitated toward the genre. “There is no other genre that values the art of story telling like country music. Even as it evolves, country music always honors its roots and your country music ‘family’ supports you forever.”

At ten, Jordan was able to satisfy her growing hunger and passion for music when her family relocated from Colorado to Florida, where she immersed herself in theatre and choir programs both at school and at church. Anderson’s musicality flourished when she joined the cast-­‐choir at Orlando’s Disney World and made All-­‐ State Choir seven years in a row. At fourteen, she began dabbling in piano and guitar – both of which inspired her to begin songwriting. “Music is how I express myself. It’s the only thing I’m able to express my true emotions through. It sounds kind of cheesy but music is literally part of my soul. Sometimes I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t go write a song about something or simply go sing a tune.”

In 2008, Anderson’s raw talent caught the ear of veteran producer Kent Wells (Dolly Parton) and his team at Kent Wells Productions – which lead to the creation of album Key To My Heart. Her debut single Toxic peaked at #50 on the Music Row chart. Follow-­‐up You Ain’t Ready For Me – co-­‐written by Anderson, Wells and Preston Brust – reached #38 on Music Row and placed New and Active on the Billboard Indicator chart. Anderson’s next single, Please Don’t, made it to #28 on the Music Row chart. American Dream, Anderson’s latest single, hit #36 on the Music Row chart, #50 on the Billboard Indicator chart, #2 on the New Music Weekly Main Chart, and spent thirteen weeks at #1 on New Music Weekly’s Indie chart as well as #1 on the Indie World Chart.

After a brief tenure as a commercial voice student at Belmont University, Anderson has shifted her focus solely to her music.
And with the achievement of her American dream in-­‐sight, she shows no signs of slowing down. “Throughout this next year, I I’ll be touring with my band, enjoying performing and connecting with my growing fan base. Each year the steps I’m taking are getting me closer to my dream of success! So, I’m just going to continue working hard and am excited to see where this year takes me!”

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