JIM ED BROWN – In Style Again


In Style Again
This is a ‘single’ song released from Century II Records,
Allen Karl’s masterpiece recording company in Nashville. Everything
coming out of Century II is a masterpiece, not only the recorded music,
but the engineering, the talent, the studio musicians, everything,
including the CD covers, the inserts, EVERYTHING.  Jim Ed Brown has
never sounded better than he does on this most excellent song “In Style
Again.”  In just a few words, it says what everyone who really likes
traditional classic country music is saying, probably all 78-million
baby boomers that are on the horizon as well as those who have loved the
same genre well past their 65th birthday.  We all know that ‘styles’
change, but sometimes not for the better, which is what has sort of
happened in country music.  Jim Ed ‘gets you’ right off the bat, just as
soon as his vocal cords begin to function.  Bobby Bare is the producer
here, and in the studio he found the ‘just right’ ingredients for a
‘hit’ song.  Lance Miller wrote this remarkable song, and combined with
Jim Ed’s remarkable voice, it’s all there.  According to a press release
by Marty Martel…”It hurts to be put out to pasture when you do not
want to go there, but it is good to know that the gate swings both ways,
and Jim Ed is once again in the running, because time changes
everything.”  This couldn’t be truer for such a remarkable artist as Jim
Ed Brown, and the combination of a great songwriter, a great song, a
great producer, and great musicians.  And please don’t miss the cover
photo of Jim Ed, with a beautiful red jacket trimmed in black, his
favorite guitar beside him, sitting in a photographers chair on the
circle of wood taken from the Ryman Auditorium as the ‘centerpiece’ on
the stage of the Grand Ole Opry.  This is a ‘GRAND’ production, a
‘GRAND’ singer, a ‘GRAND’ song, and a ‘GRAND’ return to some beautiful
classic traditional country music.  Sure, time heals….it’s ‘In Style
Reviewer, Bob Everhart, www.ntcma.net

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