Jessica Lynn You Save Me

American Country Singer’s Single with British Army Veteran Advocates for Mental Health Awareness

By Ismaila M.S. Naban for Country Music News International Magazine


Few weeks after dropping her much-awaited debut album called ‘Lone Rider’, the famous New York Country music singer–“rocket force”–Mrs. Jessica Lynn said she’s so excited that her brand new single-“You Save Me”-with a British Army Veteran Mr. Liam Wakefield “is out NOW!” According to the female country star, “This song advocates for mental health awareness and all proceeds from the track go to Forging Forward Foundation which helps Veterans, First Responders and their families heal from invisible and visible wounds.” In addition to all song sales going to the charity, she vows that “all proceeds from my brand new merchandise line “Music Saves” does as well”. Singer Lynn called on all and sundry to please shop here to help her make a difference: She declared sales are for a limited time only. The artist continued: “Please consider purchasing a copy of “You Save Me” on Amazon Music or iTunes to help it move up the charts and to contribute to this cause.  I hope you love it!” Lynn was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Westchester (county) in the same city of the United States of America. She has a unique family band, in that her mom is her background singer; her dad is the bassist, while her own husband is her lead guitarist. “I grew up in the typical Italian-American household and I always loved working with people and children so on top of my music career, I actually have a Master’s degree in education,” she told this medium. Mental health awareness, it is worth noting, is an ongoing effort to reduce the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions through sharing of personal experiences. It could be noted that mental health issues are most often than not, not giving the prominence it deserves around the globe, thus leading to any suicide cases, victims suffering in silence, among other things. In Africa, for example, some of the mentally-challenged people face neglects as they could be found roaming in the streets, picking food from trash or dustbins, and sleeping on the street corners under rains or cold weather, or hot sun, with few mental hospitals available for the increasing mental health problems. Therefore, it’s hope that this new single by Jessica and the British army veteran Liam Wakefield–a musician, writer and psychotherapist from Sussex, England, will go a long way in focusing public attention towards this vulnerable members of the society, and get them more help, as they too are human beings despite their mental conditions.

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