Jessica Lynn Interview

Interview with American Singer Jessica Lynn-“Rocket force” 

By Ismaila M.S. Naban for Country Music News International


Hailed by the press around the world as a “rocket force”, Ms. Jessica Lynn is quickly becoming a household name. She is said to have shared stages with some of the most recognizable names in country and rock music such as Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, Montgomery Gentry, Lonestar, The Allman Betts Band, Phil Vassar, Jo Dee Messina, ZZ Top, and the “Queen of Country” herself, Loretta Lynn.  In this interview, the singer speaks on her interesting musical journey.

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Welcome to this remote interview with our medium. Please take us through your background; place of birth, childhood and education?

Lynn: Hello!  I was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in Westchester, New York.  I also come from a musical family, who is now in my family band. My mom is my background singer, my Dad is my bassist, and my husband is my lead guitarist.  I grew up in the typical Italian-American household and I always loved working with people and children so on top of my music career I actually have a Master’s degree in education.

How and when, did you start music your musical journey-as a singer/songwriter?

Lynn: I have been playing and singing as long as I could remember.  I knew inside it was what I always wanted to do and I formed my first band at only 13 years old.  We were a rock and roll band and were playing all over New York City and trying to make a name for ourselves.  As many bands do, that group fell apart and I followed my passion and heart which was into the genre of country music.

Which area (s) of music do you concentrate on? And, what kind of messages do you convey in your songs?

Lynn: I have been often called “genre-less.”  I think that is due to me being a New Yorker! My music has a very eclectic mix of rock, blues, soul, pop, and country within it and I always try to be very honest in my songwriting and also tell stories that people can relate to, in addition to spreading positive and uplifting messages.
Why did you choose Guitar as your instrument of music?
Lynn: I actually play many instruments. I play piano, guitar, drums, and a little bit of harmonica.  I always just loved how guitar looked on stage and how you could move around so much with it!
Do you have your own band; manager, promoters and sponsors?
Lynn: I do have a team that works with me but I do a lot of my business myself.  I am a firm believer that no one will work as hard for you as you will work for yourself.
You have seen by millions on the road and in your full-length nationwide concert television specials; tell us about that experience?
Lynn: Unlike a lot of artists, my career started with a full-length television concert special that aired nationwide on TV.  We never expected my show to do that and become so popular.  It was such an amazing experience getting to put the music with a visual presentation to introduce me to new audiences.  I have had 3 full-length concert specials since then.
Sharing stages with some of the most recognizable names in country and rock music among them, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, and Montgomery Gentry, could be exciting. How did that help your career, especially exposure to wider audience?
Lynn: Getting to play with artists I have looked up to my whole life has been really incredible.  I’ve had so many amazing experiences getting to learn from them and playing to their audiences and experiencing their friendship and kindness. It is always very rewarding getting to open for artists you look up to because it makes you really appreciate all of your hard work and journey that got you there!
In sustaining a country music tradition, you were said to have joined on stage by your her dad on bass, mom on background vocals, and husband on lead guitar; that must be exceptionally thrilling. Tell us something about it; and the support you are receiving from your lovely family.
Lynn: I am so very lucky to have such a supportive family that have always encouraged me to follow my dreams from such a young age.  Getting to tour around the world with them is an amazing experience that not many people get to have.
You are an advocate for the US military, the arts, animals, and as a mentor for young women and children worldwide, the United Nations invited you to a ‘Women’s Entrepreneurship Day’. Why did you blend your musical career with such humanitarian causes?
Lynn: It has always been really important for me to give back and find a sense of community within my career. Ever since I was little I have volunteered consistently at animal shelters, children’s hospitals, and as my career has grown I have done a lot of mentorship for young artists.  It is when I feel the happiest…making a difference.
How many Albums have you released, if any?
Lynn: My debut album comes out this September 9th called Lone Rider!  My last 4 song EP I released called “Reimagined” which is acoustic piano versions of some of my most popular songs, actually charted #6 in country music on the day of release and #47 all genre.  I felt very proud!
Can you enlighten us on some of your popular singles?
Lynn: It is hard for me to choose as everyone likes something different and my music is so varied but I would say my 2 most career-changing songs so far have been “Crazy Idea” and “Run To.”
What are your major career successes?
Lynn: I have been very blessed to tour in over 15 countries and have 15 charting singles in 17 countries thus far in my career.
Some female artists do face sexual harassment, discrimination and other negative vices. Did you, at anytime, experience any?
Lynn: I am very careful with who I surround myself with and am lucky to have never had any truly negative experiences in this way.
Covid-19 has had negative impacts on all industries, and music’s was not an exception. How did you manage during those trying times?
Lynn: When I lost my world tours due to the pandemic, I turned to livestreaming and worked very hard at building my online fan base.  I am very proud to say I was named a Top 40 Livestreamer of 2020 and Top 25 Livestreamer on the internet of 2021 by Pollstar.

Is the younger generation (youth folk) listening to your songs?

Lynn: I have a very family friendly show and music that is very varied, so usually (and hopefully) everyone can find something they enjoy.  I have listeners from 6 to 60!
What future musical projects do you have?
Lynn: In addition to the album I have a new single and music video coming that I am very excited about.  It is called “The Morning Always Comes.”  The single comes out July 8 and the music video comes out July 22.
Lynn: Do you intend to go beyond your continent, to perform, say, in Africa and Asia?
Lynn: I have toured in over 15 countries so far.
What do you have to say to your fans, admirers and well-wishers?
Lynn: Thank you so much for all your support!
Do you have anything to add to what had been said?
Lynn: You can find tickets and more information at

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