JERRY SCHAFER – The Lonely Trucker

JERRY SCHAFER – The Lonely Trucker
The Lonely Trucker – I Get High On Country Music – That Girl Has Been Spying On Me – Today I Got Old Dixie In My Eyes – The One I Love – They Call Me The Breeze – Shutters and Boards – She Thinks I Still Care – Sing Me Back Home – Sally G – She Goes Walking Through My Mind – She’s All I Got – Thinkin’ Problem – That’s The Only Way – There’s A Tear In My Beer – The Gig
Jerry Schafer was inducted into America’s Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011, and very deservedly so.  This Michigan country singer has an unmatched voice that is definitely matched to the songs he sings.  This is traditional and classic country at its best.  Jerry’s also a great country songwriter, please notice “The Lonely Trucker,” “I Get High on Country Music,” “The One I Love,” and “The Gig” were all written by Jerry.  You can see his versatility, and his arrangements are super.  He keeps a little boogie-woogie attached to a ‘real’ country sound.  Maybe a little honky-tonk, but definitely great dance music.  Jerry is also one of those amazing musicians that keep coming up with new and different ways of doing things differently, but still ‘keepin’ it country.’  For instance, he has a nice electric guitar with a built-in electric mandolin perched on top of it.  His name is etched into the head of the neck, so I’m pretty sure he built this himself.  He also plays fiddle and banjo, so you already know he’s pretty versatile.  There’s lots of great country music makers in Michigan, not the least being Andy Stanley who nominated Jerry for the Hall of Fame.  He pretty much knows how to ‘keep it country’ too.  Jerry has been playing country music in Michigan for over 60 years, so that’s a testament in itself to someone who ‘knows what he’s doing.’  Lots of great other musicians on this CD, but not listed on the cover.  Hard for me to pick a favorite, there’s lots of different styles and interpretations of some really good country songs.  I guess I’d have to pick “She Still Thinks I Still Love Her” would be the one.  Maybe because it’s so well known, but also because Jerry Schafer has a tremendous amount of feeling and sincerity in his voice.  Well, there’s another one written by Big Bill Lister for Hank Williams.  “There’s A Tear In My Beer” brings back the night Big Bill came to Iowa and sang his song for us at our annual old-time country music festival.  Take it to the bank, the Rural Roots Music Commission will be getting this CD.
Jerry Schafer, 8730 E. River Road, Mt. Pleasant, Mi 48858

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