Jeremy McComb – LEAP & the net will appear…..

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Jeremy McComb – LEAP & the net will appear…..
     Nashville, TN (Monday Oct. 10, 2011) — After an initial start in the Nashville music machine, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Comedian/Entertainer/Entrepreneur –
Jeremy McComb, decided to take matters into his own hands.
On the heels of his debut release, MY SIDE OF TOWN, McComb has emerged a changed artist and man. His mantra LEAP & the net will appear is also the name of his sophomore music project, which releases digitally tomorrow Oct 11th.  The labor of love started this past summer and McComb has never thought of looking back, he just keeps moving forward, knowing that the “net” is going to be there despite it all.
Taking an unprecedented “LEAP” of faith, he reached out to his fans to for support. They’ve been with him every step of the way, from the inception on where they generously gave more than he ever imagined, all the way to his sold out shows and his ever growing social network.  McComb has made a point to keep his fans up to date on the entire process through tirelessly posting video updates, writing blogs and keeping his “status,” seemingly minute-to-minute, on his Facebook page and web site.  Check it out here.
“I’ve dreamt of making this record for two years. I had a major label deal, then a “major independent” deal, publishing deals, yada…yada… yada.. The problem was, I put my self worth, my worth as a music maker or “artist” or whatever, on the opinions of the people who ran and made the calls for those companies and I got tired of sitting in rooms writing music for no other reason than to write. I had no project coming out and I didn’t know what my next step was. So I took some time and I wrote the songs I wanted to write and then I turned to my fans, because they never disappoint me,” says McComb. “ Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ‘downing’ the system, it works for many artists and it may even work for me again someday, I just couldn’t wait on the wheels to turn, I had to make this music now.”
Through the support of his fans, McComb started his own record label, McCombOVER Records. The entire operation is solely independent, from the fan funding (there is no millionaire investor involved) all the way to the posts and video blogs the entertainer self records, edits and posts.  His clever personality and talent suit him well and are responsible for his Gibson Epiphone Guitar endorsement, (he is one of the few independent artists to even have one) and his relationship with Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.
McComb’s work ethic is a force all its own. The young entrepreneur plays numerous regular music gigs each week in Nashville as well as road shows.  He has also made time to travel to 8 different locations this past year, including Germany, to give of his time for Wounded Warriors Project’s Soldier Ride. He not only participates in the bicycle rides but he is also volunteers his time to the Soldier Ride staff, helping unpack and set up the special touring bikes the Warriors ride during these therapeutic marathon events.  After the days ride concludes, McComb pulls out his acoustic and entertains the crowd during dinner. McComb, a true patriot, is a passionate and eloquent celebrity spokesperson for the rides, offering his time to talk about them and promote the events in all of the cities where they happen.
Through all of his work and travel, McComb carved out time to make the trek to Inman, South Carolina to record LEAP & the net will appear with his trusted pals Tim Lawter and Rusty Milner, former members of The Marshall Tucker Band, who engineered his debut release and co-produced the current project with him.  The collaboration has proven a worthy one and McComb is already receiving rave reviews from his fans who were awarded the opportunity to garner a “sneak peek” because of their Kickstarter contributions.
LEAP & the net will appear releases tomorrow Oct. 11th digitally and McComb will celebrate with a LIVE show in Nashville at The Rutledge on Oct. 19th at 6pm. The show, sponsored by Fireball, is FREE and the public is invited to attend.

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