J.B. and Jamie Dailey – Step Back In Time

CD Review J.B. and Jamie Dailey – Step Back In Time

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

  1. Ashes Of Love
  2. White Oak On The Hill
  3. Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me
  4. Mother Prays Loud In Her Sleep
  5. If Was Only The Wind
  6. Great Speckled Bird
  7. Vision of Jesus
  8. Behind These Prison Walls Of Love
  9. Praying
  10. Have You Lost Your Love For Me
  11. Lilly Dale
  12. Gloryland

It is fast approaching eighteen months since father and son duo J.B. and Jamie Dailey launched their music project by collaborating for a 12-track debut album entitled ‘Step Back In Time’ released via Pinecastle Records. Despite battling Parkinson’s J.B. was able to record this heartfelt and inspiring debut album which certainly struck a chord with their fans. The first song on the album ‘Ashes Of Love’ is best described as being a sincere and reflective piece of music. The instruments on the track such as the fiddle and banjo make you think of a bygone era such as the early to mid-twentieth century as you are whisked away on a trip in time to the deep south.

‘White Oak On The Hill’ is the second song on the album and is both religious and pensive from a lyrical perspective as they sing ‘’Lord let me be like that white oak on the hill’’ and ‘’Give me the strength to straighten up and go on’’ and the lyrics are once again accompanied by the fiddle and banjo with the drums providing an audible pulse to push the song along.

‘Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me?’ is a continuation of the previous tracks on the album as the underlying message of the song is about having faith and being accepted by the Lord. The song can be interpreted in a number of ways though the lyrics ‘’Will I ride up to the pearly gates in glory?’’ suggests that one is pondering whether or not they have done enough to be considered worthy of being accepted into heaven.

The rest of the tracks on the album are much like the first three with regards timbre, dynamics, instrumentation, and lyrical content. It is well worth listening to regardless of whether or not you are new to country music as well as revisiting from time to time. J.B. and Jamie were able to record and deliver some tremendous diatonic vocal harmonies combined with a heart-warming message of hope, strength, and perseverance persuading you to take a ‘Step Back In Time’.

With the recent events that have occurred around the world over the last couple of years, it isn’t clear if there is another album on the horizon from the father/son duo. However, this inspiring album is still receiving rave reviews and is sure to be remembered and have a great deal of resonance with many country fans worldwide for some years to come as they firmly made their mark on the country music scene for the first time.

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