Interview with Eden’s Edge

Interview with Eden’s Edge

by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Christian Lamitschka: I’m Christian Lamitschka and today, we have ……
Eden’s Edge: Eden’s Edge.
Christian Lamitschka: Eden’s Edge is a new band on Big Machine Records and they have out their first single.
Eden’s Edge: Yes, we actually are releasing our first single next month, it’s called “Amen”. We are going on Tour this Summer with Brad Paisley.
Christian Lamitschka: That’s awesome! Maybe somebody doesn’t much about you, can you please introduce yourselves to our readers, listeners, and our pears here?
Eden’s Edge: Of course! My name is Hanna Blaylock; I’m Dean Burner; I’m Sheryl Greene.
Christian Lamitschka: Can you tell us a little bit about what kind of music you are playing?
Eden’s Edge: Yea, we are all from Arkansas and we kind of came from three different backgrounds of versions of country music. I came from American/Folk type of country, back ground to what I grew up with. Dean grew up with more of rock kind of country background, and Sheryl grew up with more of a bluegrass driven background. So we all mold those together to what Eden’s Edge is sounding is. It’s very acoustic instruments driven, harmony driven; lot’s of vocal up front. It’s organic rootsy country.
Christian Lamitschka: Tell us a little bit about how it is to be on the road, in the studio, and spending time with two beautiful girls.
Eden’s Edge: (Dean) It’s a pretty rough life (laughing) I’m kidding. We have been together seven years. It’s really a family dynamic that we have going now. I grew up with two brothers and getting to have kind of two sisters in my life. It’s been educational. It’s been a lot of fun. (Hanna) His wife better thank us one day, which’s all I can say, haha. We’re in the same for each other. Like we say “your husband, better thank us” it’s like being married being in the band. Being siblings, married, all that stuff.
Christian Lamitschka: How did you sign to Big Machine Records?
Eden’s Edge: (Sheryl) We were playing in Arkansas for several years before moving to Nashville and we were out there, we were entering songs into this songwriting competition and this famous songwriter out of Nashville discovered us and wanted us to meet with her. She kind of encouraged the three of us, the young ones in the group too, to move to Nashville. If you really wanna do it, you really have to move here. We lived here for years, and last year, she got inducted to the Country Music Hall Of Fame of this songwriting association. She got us to play a medley of her hits, which have been hits on Barbara Mandrel and Sylvia in Nobody. Really great songs! Basically, we hadn’t played out in Nashville at all, so the whole music industries haven’t heard from us until of us until that night. That night, Scot Rochetta from Big Machine saw us there with his head band, Alison and he told Alison, find out and sign them (Eden’s Edge) tonight.
Christian Lamitschka: Can you tell me something about the background about the song you are releasing next month?
Eden’s Edge: (Hanna) Sure, we wrote this song basically what it would be like to grow up in a small town. That’s where we are from, we all grew up in a triangle atmosphere.
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