Interview with David Ball

Interview with David Ball
CL: Hi I am Christian Lamitschka and today I present you David Ball. David, welcome to the show.
DB: Well thank you Christian, good to be here.
CL: David, we met each other a couple times before, so what happened since the last time we met each other.
DB: We met each other, what, four ago?
CL: Yes.
DB: I’ve been a busy boy. I spent a lot of time in Texas playing in the Fort Worth area for a few year, but I stayed in Nashville. Since then I put together a new band probably about two years ago called The Pioneer Playboys. These guys were really playing in a kind of an old style, but new style, which fit me real good. I started playing with them, I think they kicked out their lead singer, their new lead guy. I took his place. I didn’t force him out. So they started learning my songs. We started getting good and about six months later we went to the studio at the invitation of my good friend Dan Frizzel, who had recorded Private Malone and stuff like that with me. We went to the studio and did this record. It’s kind of a live record in the studio.
CL: Folks to have an idea to what we are talking now, that’s his CD, it’s an awesome CD. It has 11 songs on it and David will tell us now, which is his personal favorite on this album and why.
DB: I have to chose? There has to be a favorite? My favorite is “What’ll I Do If I Don’t Have You”, it’s just one of those songs that’ll that stick with you, a melody that just fits me. I wrote it with a friend of mine. The song just fell out of the sky and it’s one of the few songs that I can play to the audience that has never heard this song before. In the middle of this song, they start clapping, it’s like I’m not really sure and I think they like it a lot. I hope everybody gets to hear it, it’s very special to me.
CL: David, if fans like to get more information about you, where do they have to go to?
DB: They can find me at . We kinda make a pretty good presence on the net at the web and all those place. Look for us out there. You can order a copy of the new CD at too, it’s out there.
CL: If someone is ordering the CD do you put a personal note on it?
DB: If they request that, I sure can. I’m very proud of this record and it features the band you know. The first times they’ve been in the studio, they really didn’t know how to behave you know. They were a little bit rowdy, a kind of a night club band and they had to cut all that out. Or they were sneaking around the broom closet and nipped some (drink), but we got it done. It took a little longer and it cost a little more, but we got it done.

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