Hudson Valley Interview


Hudson Valley Interview by Christian Lamitschka for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Lamitschka:  Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?


Answer:  Hudson Valley is a female-fronted band rooted in our love for 90’s country music with a rock edge.


Lamitschka:  Your current single is being played by radio. What do you feel is special about this song that makes people want to hear it?


Answer:  Right Place Now is such a relatable song, I think anyone who has ever felt like they were in the wrong relationship, job, or even city knows the feeling of wanting to find the right place for them and that’s what I wrote the song about.


Lamitschka:  What do you think about today’s music scene versus its post and where do you see it going in the future?


Answer:  With everything going on in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic I feel like the music/entertainment industry was hit the hardest. I like the idea of the drive-in concerts that a few big name artists have been testing out, but I truly hope we can safely get back to having normal concerts and festivals again in the future.


Lamitschka:  As an artist, you so many tasks such as recording, touring, interviews. What do you like best, what’s your favorite activity?


Answer:  I love playing live. Any chance that we get to tour is really a highlight, we love playing for new people and introducing them to our music.


Lamitschka:  What inspired you to become an artist?


Answer:  The big female voices of 90’s country music; Martina McBride, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill.. definitely those ladies.


Lamitschka:  What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and achievements which you are proud of?


Answer:  In my career as a vocalist a huge highlight for me was getting to sing with Keith Urban on his ‘Raise Em Up’ tour. At the time he was just touring with guys (Brett Eldredge and Jerrod Neimann) and he had a huge duet on the radio with Miranda Lambert called ‘We Were Us’ so he was gracious enough to find some ladies that he thought were talented enough to come out and sing Miranda’s part with him on that tour. I was one of them, and I credit Keith to making me feel like I could really pursue this as a living. Singing in front of 20,000 people is a high I haven’t stopped chasing.


Lamitschka:  When you get time off, how do you like to relax?


Answer:  I am a real homebody. I love nights at home with my husband and our dogs, drinking wine, and watching movies on the couch.


Lamitschka:  Many music fans today get their information about artists online. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?


Answer:  Our website is and you can find links to all of our social media, any cool press we’ve done, and of course where you can stream our music!

Lamitschka:  What’s your favorite song that you wish you could have recorded?


Answer:  There are a ton of older songs that I wish I had written but out of more current songs I always say I wish I had done Carly Pearce’s Every Little Thing or Maren Morris’ My Church, I think they’re great.


Lamitschka:  What message would you like to send your European fans?


Answer:  I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy and we truly hope we can get over there to perform for all of you live soon!


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