Honey County – Love Hangover

CD Review: Honey County – Love Hangover

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Honey County’s ‘’Love Hangover’’ was released earlier this year and created more than just a few ripples with their fans. The reverberated melodies and harmony from start to finish combined with hooks and an electric beat transports the song back to the 70’s at the height of the disco era whilst managing to retain its country roots. The duo, featuring Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn have done exactly what they intended which was to create a party atmosphere on the verge of reaching fever pitch whilst simultaneously placing country music on a new trajectory towards pop-country.

The song is a must listen – especially on a hot day or at a party of course.  The song is about having a one-night stand or pursuing a night of passion with a stranger whilst disregarding the consequences until the following morning. The lyrics ‘’tossin’ back a few bud lights, I shouldn’t but I really wanna make you mine, tonight’’ and ‘’I’ll be feeling it tomorrow’’ also points towards as getting back out there so to speak after the end of a long-term relationship and rebuilding one’s confidence.

I would recommend the song to anybody looking to unwind, lose their inhibitions, or simply be taken on a carefree journey for a few moments out of a long stressful day. The song fits the bill for the dancers, singers, and toe tappers alike and offers something fresh to the world of country for both experienced and novice audiences. The duo has already taken their music around the globe as they have performed in the Middle East, Africa, as well as performing at festivals across the U.S. ‘’Cry Wolf’’ was also released earlier this year and is a must listen country listeners across the globe. I think there is a lot more to come from the duo as they have already received rave reviews from several magazines and their reputation on the country scene will only grow in popularity as they release more dance fused country-pop anthems.

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