Green Bay Backers Cruise to #1 on the Billboard Country Charts Via Artist Revolution

Green Bay Backers Cruise to #1 on the Billboard Country Charts Via Artist Revolution
Revolution (AR), the publishing and artist development company headed
by Green Bay native Sam Brooker, found firm pavement for their current
success with the Florida Georgia Line (FGL) single Cruise rooted in hometown connections. Cruise,
co-written by AR flagship writer Jesse Rice, plants a mile marker in
the three year journey serving as the first cut by a major label client
when it was released on Republic Nashville. Cruise sits at the top of the Billboard Country Charts this week and was recently certified Platinum by the RIAA.
knew I had to turn beyond Nashville for the backing I needed to pursue
developing a publishing company to benchmark rising talent on the music
scene,” says Sam Brooker.  “Never did I think an entire community would
pull together; but, it was inspiring. We had more than 30 investors step
forward and get behind my primary focus—the talented tunesmith Jesse

idea for Artist Revolution was sparked in 2005 after several encounters
with Sam (pictured right) and rising tunesmith Jesse Rice.  Sam, who is
one half of the independent folk-pop duo Sam & Ruby, had achieved
success with breakthroughs on the Billboard charts and an “Album of the
Year” nod from the Associated Press.  However, he had always had an itch
to see what the other side of the business would look like if he could
launch a deserving singer-songwriter. “Jesse started coming over to the
house to record demos and I was so impressed by his skills, motivation
and discipline,” recalls Sam.  “We took meetings with other publishers
and people liked the songs, but I think he was just a head of his time.
The traditional path wasn’t progressing fast enough, so that was the
catalyst for starting this company.”

an unwavering faith in Jesse (pictured left), Sam started searching for
funding and he turned to his hometown influences.  “It just made sense
for me to take this to Green Bay as it would be easier to get several
people to make small investments instead of trying to find a single
person or company to take a leap of faith,” explains Sam.  After a few
meetings, an investment board was assembled including Ed Thompson,
consultant and Procter & Gamble business veteran, Judy Brooker, Jim
Rivett, president and creative director of Arketype, Kurt Voss, CEO of
AmeriLux International, and more than 25 others came on board.  The
final capital was enough to support a writer for three years and like
everyone would expect, the biggest success would finally come three
years later.

the initial term of three years, AR has worked with Jesse and his team
of writing partners which include Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard of FGL
(now signed to Republic Nashville) and Chase Rice (currently being
booked by leading agency CAA).  AR also assisted Chase with his debut EP
Country As Me. In addition, Jesse Rice launched his island themed project The Pirate Sessions, which included co-writing credits and vocal appearances by FGL and Chase.  The Pirate Sessions
album wrapped an interactive fan fly-away contest on August 31st and
the winner was announced on Columbus Day.  “We wanted to get fans
connected to a physical product by incorporating a game into the
packaging and this was an interesting way to reengage our core coed
audience,” says Jesse.  “Offer folks a trip to Cinnamon Bay and it will
definitely spark some interest.”
the pigskin and holiday season falls into place, so does the final
pieces of this latest Music City “overnight success.” “I have been in
and out of this city since 1998 and Jesse has been strumming out tunes
since his move from South Carolina in 2002,” says Sam.  “It’s just
ironic that it took an investment from Green Bay for us to really make
this work.  I look forward to many years of success with our unique

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