Grand Old Grizzly Achieves Perfect Americana Chemistry with “Pure Country Pyrite”

Old Grizzly roared onto the music scene in 2012 with their charging
Americana sound and was quickly nominated for “Best New Band,” and given
the title of “Best Country/Americana” act by the Houston Press. 
They’ve been featured in Texas Music Magazine’s best-of compilation, and
Chris Gray of the Houston Press called their sophomore album release
“one of the finest slices of Americana cut by a Houston act in quite a
while.” Coupled with their regional success, that previous album “CosmoNada
made it to the national Americana charts, solidifying their presence in
the genre.  On September 7th, Grand Ole Grizzly will release their
third studio album “Pure Country Pyrite,” an album that has been described as a jailbreak of western Americana wisdom and Gulf Coast grit.  The first single “Rescind All My Amends” hits Texas radio in August. 

Pure Country Pyrite
was recorded at Edgewater Studios with producer Derek Hames and
engineer John Shelton.  The robust 12 tracks are a lyrical feast that
demands the payment of focused attention from any listener who hopes to
hear past the stealthy guitar licks, pumping drums beats and tender
melodies.  “Pure Country Pyrite” explores themes both poignant
and peculiar, and drips with irony and humorous wit.  Frontman and
primary songwriter Will Thomas is a fierce storyteller who concedes “I have some weird shit to say that no one else is saying.” 

opens the album with a trail blazing chase featuring a pair of
murderous rampaging lovers on a crime spree, and it doesn’t end well for
these two.  “Awkward” is a biting declaration of love burned to the ground and the ashes left to the wind.  “Brokedown
is a haunted house barely standing on the strength of memories alone. 
One of the most striking and anecdotal songs on this album is “Took A Little Trip.”
 Its honest telling of life as an artist provokes both empathy and
laughter, and unequivocally states what every working musician knows to
be the gospel truth. “If rock ‘n’ roll ain’t killing you, you’re probably not doing it right.” “Pure Country Pyrite” is the best of what Americana has to offer in that it leaves the listener wanting to know the stories behind the songs.

Critics have long praised Grand Old Grizzly as a band that “lives their tunes
on stage rather than relying on formulaic set plans and perfectly
choreographed performances.  The band has performed shows with a bevy of
nationally touring acts including Leon Russell, Blackberry Smoke, James
McMurtry, Cody Canada and The Departed, Mike and The Moonpies, Roger
Clyne, Rodney Crowell, Red Shahan, and Soulhat, to name just a few.  In
the live show world, as Grand Old Grizzly can testify to, when many of
your fans are other musicians, you know you are doing it right.  Grand
Old Grizzly is Will Thomas (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul
Beebe (lead guitar, keys, mandolin, backing vocals), Mark Riddell (bass
guitar, backing vocals) and Isaias Gil (Drums).  Check tour dates at

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