George Ducas — 12-Pack

George Ducas
—  12-Pack
  1. George,
    what is your earliest musical memory?

    The Willie and Family LIVE album and his [Willie Nelson’s] RED
    HEADED STRANGER record. It sounded like what I was playing. My
    stepmom introduce me that type of music.
  1. Name
    a song, in any genre, that you wish you had written.

    I can turn the radio on and pick anything. Bruno Mars is phenomenal,
    the way he marries R & B with modern pop. Anyone of his songs I
    wished I’d written.
  1. If
    they made a movie about your life, what would it be called?

    Umm [pause] “The Outsider.” I always feel like I’m doing my
    own thing.
  1. Which
    song or album are you listening to the most right now?
    off of regular radio. I’m into satellite radio. I love the channel
    Hits 1, The Highway, and NFL Network; I love Willie’s Place, I go
    by the Elvis Network, Vinyl channel.
  1. If
    you walk in some else footsteps for for a day, who would it be? 

    Jesus, I bet that’s common! 
    Not as common as you think.]
    think it would be very hard to walk in his shoes for a day. It
    wouldn’t all be all cloud nine. He has a lot prayers to answer. A
    lot of weight would come with that job!
  1. Please
    finish the sentence: I would love to have been there in musical
    history when……
    would probably go with the first Woodstock, Hendrix’s and that
    whole music revolution going on. The Stones concert when they were
    evolving as ‘Rock Megastars.’ Being there on Ed Sullivan
    witnessing the Beatles first appearance. The Kiss first super
    concert. Any one of those times would have been special.
  1. Outside
    of music, what do you like to do to relax?

    Oddly enough hanging with my kids, boy and a girl. They are great
    little people. Love to travel to the Caribbean.
  1. If
    you could have dinner with Keith Whitley or Phil Everly, which would
    it be and why?

    That’s is a tough call, they are so different in styling. I knew
    about the Everly Brothers first. They were harmony driven. Harmony
    wasn’t on Willie’s Family album that I was used too. Opening
    doors to a new level of music. No offense to Keith. I musically feel
    that connection to Phil more so.
  1. If
    you could record or perform a song with another artist or group, who
    would that “dream duet” be? 

    Blake, would be fun to record with… But I think I’ll stir things
    up and say Miranda!
  1. If
    you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    I actually like Nashville. I don’t like it from December to March
    (He smiles). “No, I really do like Nashville. I’d like to live
    somewhere on the water, to be honest. I have a bunch of answers.
    Florida, California (if I didn’t have kids) and Tennessee. If I
    didn’t have to work, I’d live on an island.”
  1. Who
    are your heroes or role models, personally and musically? 

    My dad is one. Steve Ducas, I’ll use as my personal one. As I grow
    older I have learned to appreciate him more. My music role models
    are Willie and Buck Owens. I really like Dwight’s musical style;
    he just isn’t as personally warm as the others. Buck took me under
    his wings before he died and that meant the world to me.
  1. If
    you were to ‘Have a little talk with Jesus, what might you two

    First thing I would do is to ask for guidance to help me say the
    right things to guide my children in the right direction and to the
    right path. The right amount of sternness, warm and forgiveness. I
    would ask that he do the same for their mom and show me the right
    way. — End
     Preshias Harris for Country Music News International Magazine

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