Erica Nicole is a Bad Girl

Erica Nicole Completely Redefines Her Style
with Release of Hard-Hitting New Single, “ I Listen To My Bad Girl”
Nashville, TN. Jan. 24, 2014  

Erica Nicole’s newest single, “I Listen To My Bad Girl,”
is taking her music to a whole new level. A complete reinvention of her
sound, Erica is breaking out of her mold and showing the world what
she’s musically capable of producing.
you see and hear in her new single, “I Listen to My Bad Girl,”
showcases Erica’s vocal and musical strength, and working alongside
producer Kent Wells of Nashville, TN, you hear that classic Nashville
sound only Nashville musicians can give you.
In the new single, Erica is completely redefining her style and attitude.
am finally getting to be me. I am finally comfortable with who I am as a
person in my own skin. It’s not so much the new me; it’s the real me.
My new songs allow me to share more of myself with my audience and fan
base,” said Erica.
by Debbie Pascarella and Dani Jamerson, “I Listen to My Bad Girl” tells
of that little voice inside a women’s mind, to just go and have fun!
is this felt more strongly than in the powerful bridge and chorus:
“Most of the time I find myself listening to the good one/but sometimes
she just ain’t no fun, so/I listen to my bad girl/the one who loves
trouble/the one I shouldn’t hang around/Yeah you know my bad girl/she
dares me to the double/hangs out with the rowdy crowd/Even though I know
it ain’t right/I listen to my bad girl.”
lyrics resonate with Erica. “I feel like every girl, all of us out
there, feels like this. We’re good, but we have this alter ego, this
little devil on our shoulder that wants us to go out and be a little
more on the edge sometimes. Even though we’re not bad people, and we’re
not going to do bad things, there’s this little person inside of us that
says go be your bad girl,” she said.
the new single, Erica is also working on a new album that continues to
stretch her music to places she’s never been before. Get ready to be
blown out of your seat by the power in her new sound.

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