EmiSunshine 12 Pack!

EmiSunshine 12 Pack!

By Preshias
Harris for Country Music News International

EmiSunshine is
the 13-year-old child prodigy from East Tennessee. She is an accomplished
songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist whose music embraces everything
from classic country, folk, blues and Americana. She recently-released new
album, RAGGED DREAMS, follows the critically acclaimed 2016 release, AMERICAN
DREAM.  For updated tour information and
more about her music, visit www.theemisunshine.com

1A.      What
CD is in your player now?  

American Grandstand

1B.       What
are the top five songs on your phone or iPod presently?

“Alabama Pines” / Jason Isbell

“Dark as a Dungeon” / Guy Clark

“Day after Day” / Darryl Scott

“Uncle John’s Band” / Grateful

“Sunshine” / Matt Woods

If you could dinner with the king of rock and roll (Elvis) or the king
of country (George Strait) which one would chose and why?

I’d enjoy having dinner with Elvis; I am
just really learning more about Elvis and his impact on music and rock ‘n roll.

3.      If you had a super power,
what would it be and why? 

I’d like to be a “time-stopper.”
If I could freeze everything around me for a moment, I could take more time to
see the beauty in every second.

If you could wake up in the body of someone else for a day, who would it
be and why?

I’d like to be Loretta Lynn for a day. I
would love to hear all the lyrics she has stored in her treasure chest of
memories and the other memories she must have!

If you were to be left on a deserted island for one year and you pick
three people to be there with you (living, dead, or fictional) and couldn’t
pick any member of your family, whom would you pick?

Johnny Cash June Carter and Jesus.  (I even wrote a song about that– check it
out on my new album RAGGED DREAMS!)

What is your life’s greatest gift?

My Family is the best gift of all.            

If you could have written one song in any genre, what would it be and

“Angry All The Time” by Bruce

 8.       Please finish sentence; “I would
have loved to been there in music history when… “

Grand Ole Opry first began–to meet all of those lovely people who paved the
way for us.

Name three things outside of food, clothing, shelter that you would
absolutely need while stranded on a deserted island? 

My guitar, a pen and a big ole stack of

10.     If the whole world and everything in it had to be painted one
color and you got to pick the color, what color would you choose?

Yellow — it’s the color of the
“sun” after all. 

 11.       Who is your dream duet partner? What song
would you sing?

Willie Nelson. I’d like to sing “Seven
Spanish Angels.”

 12.      If price were no object, what would you like
for your next birthday or what would you buy?

A big brand new pink bus with a black
trailer so that I could take my closet on the road with me and EVERYONE could
see me coming!  🙂

Preshias Harrisis a music journalist and music career development consultant with
the emphasis on new and aspiring artists and songwriters. Her book, ‘The
College of Songology: The Singer/Songwriter’s Need to Know Reference Handbook’ is
available at
www.collegeofsongology.com  Follow her blog at www.nashvillemusicline.com 

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