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Emily Miller Take The Trash Out

CD Review: Emily Miller – Take The Trash Out

by Antony Bailey for Country Music News International

Emily Millers recent single ‘Take The Trash Out’ is sassy, cheeky, and everything you need to hear to bounce back from a toxic relationship. The single was released earlier this year by the flourishing country sass queen and has been available to download on all digital platforms for the past few months. The country rock song is energetic, empowering, and underlines the singer’s artistic abilities as a singer-songwriter. The song is sure to resonate with largely a female audience but anybody who can relate for that matter in terms of breaking free from the clutches of toxic relationships and people in general. The instrumentation of the song is drums, bass, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, and vocals. The drums push the pulse of the song and starts with a sharp and snappy fill on the snare drum to bring the instruments together for the intro to create a sudden rise in dynamics before decreasing slightly to accommodate for the vocals in the first verse and this is the pattern throughout the song.

The melody played by the fiddle offers more range to the song and compliments the vocal melody. The song shows off the singer’s sass along with her lively personality and is an anthem for anybody recovering from a breakup or difficult time. and could also be seen as a symbol for young women especially wanting to showcase their independence. ‘’Find me a brand-new man Someone who’s gonna take me by the hand’’ and ‘’we had everything but love’’ is liberating and does not necessarily mean you need a relationship but indicates the recognition of one’s worth and the willingness to take the time to seek the right people in your lives rather than acting out of impulse and settling for toxicity. The singer popularity is rising at a rapid rate and signifies that a lot more sass is on the horizon. The next twelve months are going to be exciting to say the least with songs like this being released by the up-and-coming singer-songwriter.


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