Donna Cunningham Don’t Tell Me That You’re Gone


TN-8-31-12) Donna Cunningham’s
new single, “Don’t Tell
Me That You’re Gone,”
is by far the best song that she has ever
recorded.  As you listen to her sing her heart out about the man she loves,
not wanting him to leave, she will make you a believer in every word of this
song. They say there is a song for every singer and that when they find that
song, it is a lifelong marriage for both.  Donna has found her treasure in
music, and her performance has made her the keeper of this ballad. 
She has given her heart and soul to this
song, and I promise you that when you are through listening, you will know why
every artist tries to find their special song that will become their own, and
Donna has done just that. 
Now the test of music will be when each
of you review her song and make your own decision to play her music as you have
in the past.   Donna thanks you for your constant support and hopes
with all of her heart that you will love this song also. We need & value
your input, so please let us know your thoughts. 
“Don’t Tell Me That Your
found its’ home, in the heart of Donna Cunningham, and there it will live
Click on the following link to download
and review and we sincerely hope you will add Donna’s super ballad to
your airplay list:

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