Don Mathews, a life full of passion!

Don Mathews, a life
full of passion!

Don Mathews was born
in the Flint Area in Michigan; spend most of his youth in Mount Morris, and
when he moved to Utica, he was almost an adult. His whole life he lived in
Michigan and here he was gathering little injection, of a nice and innocent
drug that called “country music”. The wonderful sounds of his own music, that
pushed him through the good and bad times, which stayed his best friend and
made him, go from strength to strength.
He was
always surrounded by country music, and that was no surprise at all. He
was listening all day long to his mother, playing and singing country music and
her most favorite song was “Old Shep”. 

His aunt had an old acoustic guitar, and when Don was about 9 years old, he
started to play his first instrument. One day he has seen a guitar in the
barber shops window, and he begged his father to buy it for him, and finally he
got his first own guitar. It was a 1964 Airline, and until today it is still in
his possession, actually it belongs to his collection, and he is still playing
So there was always
this passion for country music and so he became a member of a Rock n´ Roll band
in his high school. He lived the music, it was in his heart and soul and when
Don was about 17 years old, he wrote his first song called” I Had A Dream”.
Music gave him that
special kind of feeling, he loved to play guitar and sing and even write his
own songs. Because of the fact, that money doesn´t grow on trees, he had to
earn it somehow. He had to do something, to make a living and so he graduated
and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician.
For many, many years
he played for family and friends, and he loved doing that, but then he got a
big opportunity, to perform in public, at “Scott´s Jammin”, in December 2004.
He was hooked and being back on stage, inspired him so much, that he started
writing again.

In 2011 he released his CD called „If Life Is A Song”, and in 2012 he released
another one, called “Tributes To Our Unsung Heroes”, this Cd was made as a
tribute for EMS, firefighter, police officers, volunteers and the military.
Don Mathews was always
a big fan of Rock n ` Roll and country music. He has been inspired by many of
the big stars, like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Conway
Twitty and of course the Beatles.

His passion for music never left him, and as a solo artist, he love to finger
pick, made his own sound and writes songs, that tell a story. Songs that deal
with life, impressive and meaningful, and he is always happy to hit the road
again, touring the country, were he find his inner peace, in the music he
present to the audience.
You can find more
information about Don Mathews under the following links:


Article by Gaby
Agrikola for Country Music News International

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