Classic country singer, Debbie Cochran, is excited to announce the release of the official music video for Born Again Wildflower on
The title track from her upcoming album, set to release June 16th, is a
duet with Country Music Hall of Fame and Grammy award winning legend, Dolly Parton. Cochran penned the song and recorded it under the direction of Grammy nominated producer, Kent Wells.
love Debbie’s rich, honest voice and songwriting,” says Kent. “Her
music comes from her heart and is not contrived or filtered.  That to me
marks a true artist! She and Dolly fit together perfectly on Born Again Wildflower.
I rock my boat, God rocks my world. Where there is forgiveness there is
beauty,” says Cochran. “There are no words that can truly describe
working with Dolly Parton in the Kent Wells Productions studio. Her
spirit, so uplifting, is a reflection of the light I love to sing and
write about. Her beautiful vocals add the glitter to Born Again Wildflower.”
classic tune is an inspirational message for all ages. Dolly and
Debbie’s tones blend perfectly throughout the song, lifting the spirits
of the listener with every note. The duo uses their dynamic voices to
send a message of faith during times of hardships. “I’m a born again
wildflower dancing in April showers. Oh God, you rock my world when I
rock my boat,” is sung by the pair during the chorus, offering
reassurance in a seemingly hopeless situation. With each difficult
situation faced, there is always a chance to blossom.
About Debbie Cochran
up in musical home in Arkansas, Debbie and her family would gather
around the piano singing their original songs and beautiful harmonies.
Those key based instruments opened the flood gates to a lifelong passion
of instrumental and vocal discovery. Throughout her musical journey,
Debbie learned to play the mountain dulcimer and bass guitar while
honing her talents as a songwriter.
style would be described as a golden gospel voice with traditional
country undertones. Debbie anchors her sounds in her church reared
impressionable years and her love of early Reba McEntire and Martina
McBride tracks.
turning to the production ears of Kent Wells (Dolly Parton, Neal McCoy
& Michael Peterson) to guide her, the only outlet she had to share
her music with the world was on a stage that her husband built in their
hometown of Batesville, AR. When Debbie isn’t on stage, she spends her
autumn years traveling the world with her husband in an RV. Debbie’s
story and music is one that has spread smiles and serves as a testament
to the vitality of the human spirit. She lives her lyrics every day that
she steps in the studio, writes a new song or hits the lights center
stage —“It’s never too late!”
Follow her journey at or her Facebook @DebbieCochranMusic

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