Dillon Carmichael – Son of A

CD Review: Dillon Carmichael – Son of A

  By Madison Monroe for Country Music News International Magazine

1 Hot Beer
2 Big Truck
3 Paychecks and Longnecks
4 Family Tree
5 Hose Water
6 Son of a
7 Man Made a Bar
8 Red, White, Camo and Blue
9 Leave the Lovin’
10 Since You’ve Been in It
11 Pickin’ Up Girls Feat. the Cadillac Three
12 Gonna Wish You Did
13 Somewhere She Ain’t
14 Baby I Would

Dillon Carmichael’s latest release is centered around his small-town upbringing with a 90s country feel. Dillon is from the small town of Burgin KY with a population of 859 people. In his album “Son of A”, he highlights childhood memories. These memories can be played out in most of the record. The songs “Hose Water” and “Son of A” highlight what his childhood was like.

“Son of A” is the title track of his sophomore album. The title track speaks to being a teenager and not agreeing with your parents. Everyone hears the phrase, “you will understand when you are older”. Dillon took this lesson to heart and speaks about how thankful he is now for his parents in the song.

Being a fan of Dillon Carmichael for a long time, I have learned that he is big on the simple things in life. These things are mostly things that we take for granted. The biggest thing we take for granted is little moments. These little moments in his childhood made the song “Hose Water” come alive. The moments he speaks about are walking barefoot on the road, being a carefree kid, and drinking from a water hose.

Dillon has always been open about his life through his music. He is not afraid to share his feelings about love either. The other half of the record touches on his love life. He is getting married later on next month to his long-time girlfriend Shayla. Throughout the album, he expresses how much he loves Shayla. The love for her can be heard in the songs “Baby I Would” and “Big Truck”. Big truck touches on everything Shayla loves about Dillon. The song is really funny because Dillon just thinks she loves him for his truck.

“Baby I Would” is the most honest and beautiful love song ever. He talks about what troubles Shayla and how he wishes he could take away all her pain. The record really brings back 90s country. This album is what country music needs.

Thanks, Dillon for bringing the 90s back to country music.

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