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DELANEY JOHNSTON – You’re Lookin’ At Country

You’re Lookin’ At Country
Country Music’s Gone To Town – Wabash
Cannonball – Keep On The Sunny Side – Red River Valley – Y’all Come –
You’re Lookin’ At Country – Rocky Top – Tennessee Flat-Top Box – Coat Of
Many Colors – I Have A Dream
      Today is my
lucky day.  Sometimes I have a lot of lucky days, simply because I’m in
love with traditional old-time rural country music, nearly as much as my
wonderful wife Sheila.  How can it get any better, first listening to
Merle Haggard and Mac Wiseman on their newest CD, and then turn to a
pretty little girl from Deadwood, South Dakota who picked her own songs
for this amazing CD.  Look at those titles again.  How can such a young
girl know so much about America’s rural traditional music?  Cause she
likes it, that’s why.  Young as she is, she has the perfect voice for
this adventure into ‘real’ country music.  Her first song ‘Country
Music’s Gone To Town’ is a sort of parable about the ‘state’ of country
music today, which isn’t much country to say the least, and Delaney
recognizes that.  She knows what is and what isn’t ‘country’ music, and
she’s holding her ground.  Produced by Sherwin Linton, another long-time
fan, supporter, and performer of authentic country music, he also
joined in on singing ‘Wabash Cannonball’ at her request.  You know what,
that’s what ‘real’ country music is all about.  It’s a very real
‘sharing’ experience, almost religious at times to listen to good
artists of this genre of music.  Every song on this CD is extremely well
done, the production is perfect.  Sherwin Linton’s band the Cotton
Kings provided the excellent backing.  Kenny Wilson on steel, Dobro,
banjo, acoustic & electric guitar, and the super neat sounding high
strung acoustic guitar. Pete Brooks on string bass; Kipp Galloway on
drums; Joe Savage on harmonica and jews harp; Richard Kriehn on fiddle
and mandolin; Dick Moebakken on tenor ukulele; and Sherwin Linton joins
in on acoustic guitar.  Sherwin’s wife Pam also provides some excellent
harmony vocals.  A super session, you can tell when the musicians are
having a good time.  How?  Cause the music is happy.  It’s done with
‘pleasure’ being a major ingredient.  Sherwin is a long-time life-time
performer of America’s great ‘real country’ music, Johnny Cash being one
of his idols, and that shines through with the perfection of the Lord
Jesus helping him along the way.  What a beautiful CD this little girl
has placed before her many fans and friends.  Last year she won “Young
Artists CD of the Year” from the Rural Roots Music Commission, and I’m
rushing this new production off as soon as possible.  Wouldn’t startle
me at all if she won it again this year.  Through and through a most
respectable, entertaining, fun, beautiful, and certainly ‘unique’ CD as
this little girl pursues her love of America’s rural and roots music
with unbridled pure love.  A big thank you to Sherwin Linton for making
sure this treasure continues.
for Country Music News International

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