Dave Adkins Dixieland Delight

CD Review: Dave Adkins Dixieland Delight

By Stanley Mwene For Country Music News International Magazine

  1. Dixieland Delight
  2. We’re All Crazy
  3. Dear Departed
  4. Best I Have Never Been In
  5. Cold Hearted Woman
  6. Traveller
  7. Blind Hawg
  8. Friday Night Jesus
  9. Headed For The Hills
  10. Blue Grass State of Mind

Little History of Dave Adkins

Adkins was born in Pikeville Kentucky. When he was eight years old, he started playing and singing. He joined a band with his classmates performing at schools and other venues. At the age of 17, he started playing Bluegrass music at Dollywood, where he stayed for two years. A year later, he was named a Kentucky Colonel…. The highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Adkins is also a proud mason and Shriner.

Dixieland Delight. This is a powerful romantic song. I am on the back boots Tennessee purple no more missing on his lover with the other. As sweet they shall be together. What can allow them to have a little jungle on Tennessee they shall settle at night. Could they be together. They are together Dixieland delight.

It has been a matter working hard they need to be together tonight. Could be better to be Dixieland delight tonight. It has been a matter of working hard to be together tonight or rather make a little love. A little while, he has been missing her. She makes his life.

Oh sorry, it is a little rate. What she wants, he should then offer. Let her signal him. They shall be together looking oval (full of love). She will feel good; on Tennessee they settle tonight. Like as ever, they shall be together at Dixieland delight.

He has been working hard or rather making little love. They are going to be together tonight. It is his life. He begs her by saying “oh sorry it is a little rate night”. It has been a matter working together. They need little time loving. But it is late night but It is their life.

We Are All Crazy. This is also powerful romantic song which starts…. drinking beer to just lose memory, ride a bull to make money to drive across the country just to kiss a girl. Dive out fast mountain and small town chicken with a midnight freight train. Doing anything to fit this world.

We say we cannot know they were closer our eyes and we can jump. We are all here, we are all fine. We can just do anything to get by. As different we are, we are all the same. We can do anything say insane but we are not indeed, we are in love. We are all crazy.

We can drink small and say goodbye just to say hello again. You bet we in love. Someone said you can sing but now you are here back at the bar and you do not want to feel. You say we can really know what is in our hearts. Then we close our eyes in the morning and make love. We are all here, we are all fine. We can just do anything to get by. As different we are, we are the same.

We will do anything but we are not insane. We are all crazy because of love. You say we cannot but for sure we can. The we can close our eyes and jump in and make love. We can just do anything to get by.

Dear Departed. Her own mouth, do we impose about that girl is mine. Tell me about what is in your mouth every love knows. Sweet love I’m showing in you. Did every each of us feel the same. Spoke of word around as is in order is in my heart. And does it you miss me.

It is love I am looking. Dear, you know I love you. As you know I love seeing you around. Sweet love as per my side, you do not need to depart away. Did body, you departed away. Everybody knows our love. Sweet love, you need to be on my side. You do not need to be away.

Cold Hearted Woman. This is a beautiful song which talks about a woman who is so unwelcome! …. She is a cold woman and all things she is doing is wrong. She can go and take on ‘mama’.  She cannot match this girl (a new found lover).  Whatever she does, is always wrong. There is no man near her.

She cannot match up and she is gone. There is nothing she can do which is right. Nobody can ever try move close to her. Everything she is doing is wrong.

Traveller. This is an awesome romantic song which starts; As a young man I wander I am from home. So, I was with my friend. I am again can do as soon as we give ways. I have to be with you (her lover) . I won’t be another dear as soon I was doing.

I have travelled never; I will be back soon. Allow for the day, I will be home. You are going to be mine. I will travel too, as time give for you, I will be with you. I will keep in me. I have travelled far, but you are mine. Sometime, go but we have to be together.

There are people who told you must slow. I will travel back to you. From back to cooking me, they will be far to you asking for you to walk with you too. I will keep you ‘meime’. I have travelled far and travelled back.

You are mine. I will travel back to you. So, I will be with you. I will give you ‘meime’ to be with you. I will travel far and travel back.

Blind Hawg. This is also another powerful romantic song…. You touch me, I love baby everything I see you around. Why could you not be with me in town? He requests. She looks cute and has brilliant minds. She makes merry.

There is nothing good like seeing her. She is his sweet. She is his maker. He has done no in the point is she has a beautiful smile. When he says merry, h made up his minds to her. He asks to enjoy with her. They need to spring together. He is lacking merry.

He will make her to be his. He will need to be with her. Everything had just to be smooth with her. Even burn he batch maker is amazing. When they saw, she never came, will it really work to be with him? He wondered. If she is lucky, she should not cry. He does not want her to be too far. She needs to keep close to him as they are going to work together. She is beautiful.

She is a maker whom he cannot avoid to miss. He needs to see her back. There is plenty of food She is a maker to him.




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