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Coy Taylor – Better Man

Coy Taylor
Better Man
the Trailer         3:00 Better Man          4:00 I Don’t Love You Anymore 3:03
and Mirrors             3:16 5 O’clock
Angel 3:55 Topless    3:14
I.V. 3:08

been a long day; my wife got her driver’s license, my daughter had her last day
of kindergarten at school, both are getting ready to go to Taiwan for summer,
and we all took a nice drive down through Cocoa Beach at sunset. Hopefully, Coy
Taylor can add some fitting music as an end to it all.

            Well, it sounds like springs are
rocking which I can only imagine as being from both the mattress and the shocks
bouncing in the trailer-park. So far Shake
the Trailer
has painted some imagery on the brain and put an ear-to-ear
smile on my face. I’d better wake up from this wet dream and get back to critiquing.

            Those squeaking springs lead
directly into the song. Strong electric chords and a powerful voice push deep
into this song. The writing meshes with the vocals to push you there. Those
hard times when you barely have anything left and you just have to remember
that memories came along with them. It sounds like some great advice. When you’ve
hit those bad times just get out and have some great times.

is the title track that seems to transition that out of control night of
moonshine swigging and trailer bouncing into the blood-stained eyed, guilt
ridden hangover of the mirrored soul searching morning.

            Well that didn’t take long, I guess
the guilt got the better of him in I Don’t
Love You Anymore.
The pictures removed, the phone number changed and
probably the dumped had to somehow explain it to his friends without also
wiping the dignity from his eyes.

and Mirrors
seem to be the only things to replenish those memories and tear
at the heart. This song adds the depth that everyone has felt in those
situations. 5 O’clock Angel keeps
that idea flowing lyrically. This song really pushes the idea, or better yet
tries to remind listeners that jobs or your social lives aren’t the things or
moments that should really matter.  

is a different kind of song. It’s fun. You can feel the sun beating with the convertible
top down; those memories of yesteryear gone by. Whiskey I.V. sounds like the breakup is creating enough havoc that
the electric guitar solos help pump the whisky into the veins.

            I always seem to enjoy albums that
tell a story, or follow a storyline. Maybe it’s just that my wife and daughter
will be getting on a plane in a few hours on their journey to the other side of
the world. Whatever the case, Coy Taylor seems to really pull out those feelings
that come along with the package; all of those hellos and goodbyes that
continuously flow through relationships. I believe any guy or girl would attest
to the reality of the raw emotion drawn out by the perfect blend of Coy Taylor’s
deep vocals, the guitar solos, as well as the drumbeats accompanied and sometimes
driven by the high hats.

Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

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