Country music fans across America

following is from the ‘Capital News’ of the Central Okonogan as a
letter to the editor.  I repeat it because of what the writers say is
representative of country music fans across America and planet
earth…..”My wife, her parents and myself watched the Billboard Music
Award show Sunday night, May 18.  We honestly thought we would hear some
good musical performances.  Oh how wrong we were.  Most of the
‘artists’ we have never hard of and the snippets of their music/songs we
did hear we are glad we didn’t have to sit through the whole song.  We
were looking forward however to see which country music artist would win
and see the Michael Jackson hologram, which was quite good by the
way….The performance of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert was
dismal to say the least.  I don’t know, but we could hardly understand a
word they were shrieking and the song just seemed to drag on far too
long.  Maybe that’s because it was terrible.  Both are good singers on
their own so lets hope they don’t sing together again.  I  don’t know
when or how it happened but rapping does not belong in country music. 
Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Hank Snow, Brooks and Dunn, even Hank 3 are
country artists.  We have not heard of Florida Georgia Line before and
in our homes we will not hear them again, how can anyone call that crap
country music.  Even the likes of Luke Bryan or any of the ‘new’ country
artists that went to rap should not be performing it as country music. 
Country music has gone from ‘Walking After Midnight’ the story of
searching for a lost love, to ‘The Quarterback’ where the quarterback
gets a naïve young girl drunk, has sex with her and posts the pictures
on the Internet.  This so-called country music has gone down the
toilet.  Which brings me to the local country radio stations.  They play
this new country crap so there is no radio station that plays decent
country music anymore.  Us older folks like older music, we do not have
to conform and put up with this new crap.  Yes there is Internet radio
and TV channels that play great older country music but you can’t get
these in the car.  Bring back good/great country lyrics and a radio
station that plays them. Thanks for ‘listening’ to a disappointed music

Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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