Country Music Artist, Songwriter and Acclaimed Author, Erica Stone, Celebrates New Album, Antidote, at Analog

In a room full of music industry VIP’s, media, friends and family, Erica Stone shared several cuts and the stories behind the music she recently released on her current music project, Antidote. The long awaited and highly anticipated album was released on digital platforms on April 29 and featured on the New Music Nashville playlist. Download and streaming links available here.

“I’m not the girl that came to Nashville ten years ago. I’ve been on
quite the journey and the music reflects just that. This record explores
love, loss, what happens in the dark, and how important it is to let
the light in,” reflects Erica Stone. “My hope is that each listener
takes a piece of this album and keeps it tucked away… always
knowing… regardless of the struggle… they are never alone.”

“Music should move you in some way; to action, to compassion, to change,
it should touch your heart and move your soul. Erica brought all those
things to the table when we started writing for the record, so the
producing part came pretty easy,” stated Producer, Brian White. “Brian
Bunn & myself really just captured an artist just being herself.
What an amazing record, what a stunning artist, what a beautiful story. I
feel privileged to be a part of her journey.”

The twists and turns of life nearly swallowed her, but she rises to the
surface with incredible new music, new lyrics to tug at your heart and
melodies that offer you courage to stand or a safe place to find solace.

ANTIDOTE Track List:

1. Lies – Erica Stone

2. Glass House – Erica Stone/Brian White

3. Higher – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn

4. Want You – Erica Stone

5. Antidote – Erica Stone/Brian White

6. Damn Good Woman – Erica Stone/Brian White

7. It Is What It Is – Erica Stone/Brian White

8. Killing You Dead – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn

9. Nobody Makes It Alone – Erica Stone/Brian White/Brian Bunn

10. Lost Sometimes – Erica Stone

Antidote, features two current singles by Stone, “Lies” and
“Glass House.” The video for “Glass House” spotlights real stories from
individuals who messaged her, willing to share their setbacks and
insecurities in front of a camera. The collaborators on this project are
those in her tight circle that worked with her nine years ago and stuck
with her, when others strayed.

Keep current with Erica Stone on her website and stay in touch on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About Erica Stone:

Erica Stone, the epitome of a  small-town girl in
Southwestern Missouri who grows up to be a wife and a stay at home mom,
with dreams of someday making music. That someday would involve years of
twists and turns which nearly swallowed Erica Stone whole. Music City
also came calling around the same time for Erica and her husband. Early
2004, music showcases and meetings with industry executives seemed
promising for Erica and her then musical duo partner, and just as the
duo was about to get signed to a major label, the doors closed. The
music dreams dimmed and took a side-seat; but not due to the politics
and roller coasters of Music Row. Erica and her husband opened an
orphanage and an adoption agency to rescue the hundreds of children
being beaten, traded, trafficked, separated, and displaced from their
families. In the midst of the firestorm, they lost their precious
daughter, Adama, due to negligence and corruption within the Sierra
Leone borders. And without music and writing as her therapy, Erica felt
like she was losing the core of who she was. But sometimes, it takes
losing yourself to find yourself. Nearly a decade after she gave up her
undeveloped dream for a destined reality, Erica is now sharing her story
with the world, as an artist, author, and advocate.

“I’m in a different position than I was the first time,” Erica says. “I
don’t think I knew who I was. But today, I feel confident in my story
and the mess of what I am and who I am. There’s no façade–no putting on
the best show in somebody’s office,” referring to a time when producers
advised her not to talk about Africa in front of execs, for fear of
losing her career. And when it comes to the future, Erica is learning to
trust the process and surrender the outcome.

Co-Producer and Songwriter; Brian Bunn, Manager Wes Mayers; Redline
Entertainment, Erica Stone, Co-Producer and Songwriter; Brian White)

photo credit: Moments By Moser Photography

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