Country Gospel Singer’s New Release!

Country Gospel Singer’s New Release!

Los Angeles, CA  4/8/13 – The much-anticipated
release of Country Gospel singer, Joyce Shaffer’s, new
song is here. This song which she holds very dear
and close to her heart was born in the grand tradition of
country artists. Shaffer has written a song about her past and more
specifically about her beloved mother and the lessons she taught her
and others through her deep faith in God. The song’s title tells you
some of the story, “Momma Was A Warrior” (With a Bible in Her
Shaffer is not new to pulling from her past to make
a point about life with her music. Her song, “Farmer’s Pride” was about
the hardships of life endured by her father and family as he toiled
the earth as a sharecropper of dry land beans.  Then there was her
hit song, “Loretta’s Shoes”, about country great Loretta Lynn which
Loretta loved. Joyce and Loretta Lynn have much in common and both write
and sing about what they know best. They draw from their own lives and the
truths they have found along the way.
Over the last few years, Shaffer has graced the country
charts time after time with her heartfelt music and is making a mark
with each of her well-crafted songs. She hopes these songs will help
people remember the true importance and value of life. All you have to do
is listen to one of her songs to know its undoubted truth. They reach down
inside to touch your heart and speaks to what
life is truly all about. 2013 promises to see Joyce Shaffer’s country
gospel music rise. A Gospel CD is in the works and
Joyce hopes it will debut this year as well.
Check out Joyce Shaffer’s music at her site:

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