Chris Flegg – Twenty Is Plenty

CD Review: Chris Flegg – Twenty Is Plenty

By Stanley Onderi for Country Music News International Magazine

1. Market Street rag 2:36
2. Gazing at the stars all night 4:22
3. Her favourite flower 2:11
4. Chasing cuckoos 2:58
5. The day that we planted the apple tree 2:49
6. Special July delivery 3:16
7. Just an idea away 2:16
8. Mary’s tune 3:02
9. All you need is time 3:02
10. Don’t leave until the party’s over 1:56
11. Now that the day is done 2:10
12. Waiting for Michael 3:01
13. Beach holiday 2020 2:35
14. I’m going home 3:07
15. Slow train 4:03
16. Waltzing in the rain 3:09
17. Old soldiers 2:16
18. Cat house 2:05
19. Not one of Buddy’s habits 2:58
20. Twenty’s plenty 1:51

Little History of Chris Flegg

Chris Flegg is a song writer , guitarist and a singer . He is based  in St. Albans’ UK and he has produced a number of albums. Some of his songs  are in Contemporary  folk  style  while some have instrumental  jazz tracks  and some other songs  have both styles . Most of his songs are played mainly on local Uk radio stations.

Twenty Is Plenty is a collection of twenty of Chris Flegg’s for solo accoustic guitar songs. Some of the songs were previously released on different albums and were later given different interpretations and some were presented for the first time.

All songs were recorded in a standard tuning using a Martin OMC-41 Richie. Sambora signature Model Guitar. Twenty Is Plenty  is a song characterized  by use of different  chords  for each  song  note  which produces  some nifty chord. The rhythm is so named because the initial performance  earned  a twenty pound. The album has twenty songs.

Market Street is an energetic song with classic rag time rhythm pitched in the key of F and marked with flourishes of diminished chords.  The song ending  is tricky and it borrows a phrase from an early composition. Also, a Cat House is included in the album at a track 18.

Gazing At The Stars ALL Night   was purely instrumental song before lyrics were added. The song is played in its original form except for a new introduction. The song starts with accoustic quitar tune as it attracts enticing quality.

Her Favorite Flower is a solo song improved and recorded by Django Reinardt. The song has three note chords which carries the melody against a steady bass line.

Chasing Cuckoos is a song which has two tunes, out featuring use of harmonicas to sound like a Cuckoo and the second is almost in rag time. At some point, the second tune is incorporated as a middle section to the first.

The Day We Planted The Apple Tree. The song originated from an improvisation while Chris Legg was busking. He later made it into a song of the same name. The song is slightly more up tempo than in the vocal version. However, every rhythm is so charming.

Special July Delivery . It is a song which is slow almost moody rhythm with jazzy chording. The song brings out beautiful rich tone of Martin guitar in the lower register. The song has an improvised half chorus which maintains a relaxed feel of place.

Just An Idea Away. This is an happy sounding song fingerpicking tune which was written in the year 2020. Chris Flegg wrote this song after a long drive going on holiday. The main theme just happened while practicing and luckly was on a phone to be finished later. The tune of the music was dedicated to George.

Mary’s Tune. It is a relaxing melody in which its first part of the the theme is initially stated in the same folky stlyle as Gazing At The Stars All Night. However, it is restated using jazzy chording. It was for Mar Lou.

All You Neeed Is Time is a song which was previously recorded  in jazzy quarted setting for Chris’ album  Moving On. However, here the song is presented as a guitar solo and with a new improvised chorus.

Don’t Leave Until The Party’s Over.The song echoes the music of 1930’s and 40’s in its structure and composition.. The Finger picking style, makes the song sound somewhere between Chet Atkins and Fats Waller.

Now That The Day Is Done is a simple tune song which has in common trucks 2 and 5. It has a theme  which is played  by picking  1st  and 3rd  strings  together  against  a bass line. Chris was inspired to compose this song by the idea of relaxing with a guitar at the end of the day.

Waiting For Michael. The song derived its title from the time leading to the birth of Chris’ youngest son Michael.The song has some jazzy sounding chord. The song has a main theme which is the key of F, followed by a second quite different theme in the key of D and then a repetition of the main theme.

Beach Holiday . The song has a cheerful tune that might easily be mistaken for pop of 1970’s .The song is full of fun to play and is a real foot –tapper.

I Am Going Home . The song has been previously released as a vocal. The song has a bass nova flavor.

Slow Train. The song featured on Chris’s jazz album. Later, it was given a new interpretation with some interesting g chord work in the improvised section.

Waltzing In The  Rain. It is a slow, calming Waltz with its parts sounding almost classical. The song is distinctive in the way the rhythm is played using broken chords, or arpeggios. In most bars, the melody precedes the bass line.

Old Soldiers. The song had been previously released as an instrumental and also vocal. The song had been arranged for brass band. The version of the song is brighter in both tempo and mood than previous versions.

Cat House.The has a new version of tune first recorded for Chris’ Green guitar album. The song has a new improvised chord solo.

Not One of buddy’s Habits. The song is taken from the Moving On Album and given a solo guitar treatment with new rhythm work in the improvised variation. The ending of the song is worthy a smile.

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