Partners with CMA Foundation as Lambs & Lions Roars to Retail, Profiled on 

CBS This Morning, 11/17

– Chase Rice has pursued paths as divergent as the ACC college gridiron
to NASCAR Pit Lane; North Carolina to Nashville. And while his journey
has swerved, his resolve to follow his personal truth has been
unwavering. His accumulated experience, creative focus, and athletic
drive is evident in his latest release, Lambs & Lions,
which is available Friday (Nov. 17 on Broken Bow Records). 

As he ramps up to the release, Rice has been steadfast in his desire to bring his new music directly to his fans, throwing Lambs & Lions listening parties for fans across the country and unveiling the “We Are Lions” contest, which calls on students to show their school spirit by entering for a chance to win a free Chase Rice concert at their school.

he first announced to a packed crowd of fans in Nashville last week,
Rice has partnered with the CMA Foundation, the charitable arm of the
Country Music Association, to help fund music
programs across the U.S. To that end, Rice will be donating the profits
from album sales at listening parties in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago,
Denver, New York City, and Phoenix to the Foundation, along with the
proceeds to his sold-out shows at the celebrated Grizzly Rose in Denver
this Friday and Saturday.

Rice hinted at his plans to use Lambs & Lions as a vehicle to support music education over a month ago with the music video
for first single “Three Chords & The Truth.”  In a treatment he
created himself, the video follows Rice as he surprises a young fan
battling hemophilia by showing up to his home with a new guitar and
personally giving him his first music lesson. The closing slate of the
music video is an invitation to find out more about music education
programs at

Chords & The Truth,” is already in the Top 40 and climbing at
country radio and digital retailers. It’s a song he believes in due to
the personal transformative power of discovering songs such as “Amazing
Grace,” “Sweet Home Alabama,” and “Mama Tried,” and how they changed his
life. “It’s personal in the sense that it goes back to high school and
what it meant to me to hear those songs for the first time,” he said.
“Three Chords & The Truth” captures the power of following my dream
to Nashville and namechecks my heroes Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Merle
Haggard, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

a fresh approach and Rice is doing it his way. With a new label, Broken
Bow Records, and a renewed sense of creative purpose, Rice is making
music that draws from multiple sources and influences, but is unified by
his vision, integrity, and honesty.

is an album that stands for what I stand for,” said Rice. “I don’t
think of myself as a country artist specifically—I’m here to be an
artist, period. I’m very proud of the country genre, and I think we have
some big country radio songs on here, but outside of that, there’s a
story I wanted to tell, regardless of genre. I had to completely put out
of my mind what anyone else would think. I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied
until I took it as far as I possibly could.”

The 10 songs on Lambs & Lions
derive from Rice’s life and experience, triumphs and disappointments,
and ultimately his determination to stand up for his convictions.
Produced by Ross Copperman, Chris DeStefano, Mac MacAnally and Jacquire
King (Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids), Lambs & Lions offers up
sounds from the stirring horns on the title track to the spare piano and
swelling choir of “Amen.” And it also reflects the unconventional path
that led him to make music in the first place.

Lambs & Lions track listing:

  1. “Lions” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  2. “On Tonight” (Jessie Jo Dillon, Chase McGill, Jon Nite)
  3. “Unforgettable” (Chase Rice, Josh Miller, Steven Lee Olson, David Garcia)
  4. “Eyes On You” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice) +
  5. “Saved Me” (MCV, Josh Hoge, Chase Rice) *
  6. “One Love, One Kiss, One Drink, One Song” (Jesse Rice, Chase Rice) *
  7. “Jack Daniel’s Showed Up” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Chase Rice)
  8. “Three Chords & The Truth” (Chase Rice, Ross Copperman, Jon Nite) **
  9. “Amen” (Rodney Clawson, Jamie Moore) *
  10. “This Cowboy’s Hat” featuring Ned LeDoux (Jake Brooks) ***

Produced by Chris DeStefano*Produced by Jacquire King**Produced by Ross Copperman***Produced by Chris DeStefano & MacMcAnally+Produced by Chris DeStefano with additional production by Jacquire King


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