CD: TAMRA ROSANES – 40th Anniversary Album


40th Anniversary Album

Uncomplicated – What Can
Love Do – Would You Lay With Me – Precious Memories – Carry On – Rub It
In – Let The Good Times Roll – My Toot Toot – Jambalaya – I Just Wanna
Dance With You – Always On My Mind – Let It Be Me – Just When I Needed
You Most – Never Ending Game of Love – Girls Night Out – All Shook Up –
Cowgirl In Love – Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Lasso You – The
Whole Wide World – Times Like These – Farvel – Never Knew Lonely – Guest
of Many Faces – Can’t Break A Broken Heart – True Love – My Night To
Howl – Long Way Home – That’s The Way The World Goes Round – Be My
Friend Tonight – Run With The Wind – Help Me Make It Through The Night –
Ring Of Fire – Free To Follow Your Heart – Two Hearts – Ride On –
Country Party – A Taste Of You – Shenandoah – Feeling Like Sunshine –
You Can’t Stop Love – On The Road To Copenhagen – I Saw Mommy Kissing
Santa Claus – Woodstock


I became a fan of this incredibly gifted
country music artist from Denmark the instant I heard her sing at the
Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa.  That festival is
celebrating it’s 40th year this year (Aug 31-Sept 6), as Tamra is
celebrating her 40th year making great country music.  That’s a hard
combination to beat, and this release by Tamra contains some of her best
works over those many years.  I believe she uses the same musicians in
Denmark for all of her sessions, which makes this particular compilation
especially easy to listen to.  Just by looking at the song titles, you
can see that Tamra is one of those rare gifted artists that keeps ‘love’
in her musical works. Recently read about the ‘state of country music’
in Nashville, and how it’s so far removed from the purity of what it
once was, and the honesty of the music itself.  Not so with Tamra, she’s
got all the purity and honesty she needs, and then some.  This
particular compilation has 44 great songs on it.  It took two discs to
put it all together, the first one entitled ‘Precious Memories’ and the
second one ‘From The Heart.’  It took me all afternoon to listen to this
delightful musical treat, but being a fan of Tamra’s makes that one
delightful musical treat.  There’s an incredible variety of songs and
theme throughout the compilation, which was put together very nicely by
Tamra and EMI Denmark’s Thomas Hemdorff.  Tamra doesn’t specifically say
who the musicians are on these songs, but as I listened to it, I was
profoundly impressed by Live Berger Brekke who does such a nice job
playing accordion, especially on “Toot Toot” and “Jambalaya.”  Tamra
also uses the ‘steel’ a lot, almost unheard in today’s so-called country
music.  Leif Brunn is one of Denmark’s finest pedal steel guitar
players.  Noah Rosanes is on guitar and mandolin; Urik Aagard on bass;
and Marcus Liliequist on drums. A totally engrossing CD coming from
Denmark of all places, and it’s country through and through.  Classic,
traditional, even some old-time.  Can you believe it, Tamra even
includes a Pete Seeger song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” which she
first sang  on the environment ship “The Clearwater” when she was a
volunteer crew member sailing on the Hudson River.  That’s not all of
the amazing adventures of Tamra Rosanes.  She was actually at
Woodstock.  Yes, the original Woodstock  and delightfully she closes
this enitire CD with that song.  This is a remarkable adventure in
music, and Tamra is a delightful host all the way through it.  I will be
sending this along to the Rural Roots Music Commission, because I would
be amiss if I didn’t


for Country Music News International Magazine 

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