CD: SHERWIN LINTON – Thank You For Serving


Thank You For Serving

The Marine Hymn (to the tune of
Ghost Riders) – There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere – The
Battle of New Orleans – She Wears A Yellow Ribbon – Don’t Sit Under The
Apple Tree – Thank You For Serving – Ballad of the Alamo (Pam Linton) –
Yellow Rose of Texas – Ragged Old Flag – Stars and Stripes Over Iwo Jima
– Fraulein – You Are My Sunshine – Have I Told You Lately That I Love
You – Vaya Con Dios – (with Pam Linton) – They’re Bringing Johnny Home
Today – Do You Remember These – A Soldier’s Visit From Santa – Thank You
For Serving – God Bless America (Pam Linton) – Coming To America/My
Country Tis’ of Thee


Maybe for starters one might not think the
‘Marine Hymn’ sung to the tune of ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ would work? 
Wow, but it does, super good.  Sherwin Linton has a deep beautiful
baritone voice and when he puts his gifted music aura and dedication
behind it, it’s quite a wonderful experience to hear him sing in this
very dedicated way.  This whole album is chock full of great ‘memory’
songs, an obviously genuine desire on Sherwin’s part to ‘remember’ not
only the old songs dedicated to our military, but also to reflect his
own very strong desire to “Thank You For Serving” to every military
person in the USA, which he wrote himself at the suggestion of a high
school classmate some 17 years ago.  Sherwin didn’t actually serve in
the military.  He almost did, when he and twenty classmates from
Watertown, South Dakota High School had plans to join the United States
Marines.  Sherwin passed up the military to pursue his music career, and
has been very devout ever since playing military songs, doing military
salutes, and honoring the military at every opportunity.  I spent four
years in the Navy, and wouldn’t turn it down for anything.  It even led
me to eventually recording for the Smithsonian Institution where Sheila
and I have spent nearly three years researching our latest project for
them called the ‘Traveling Museum of Music.’  We, like Sherwin, have
huge thanks and appreciation for our military, at every turn, at every
opportunity.  This CD of Sherwin’s is actually a compilation of songs he
has recorded over the years,  some of them with old-time instruments
like the banjo and autoharp, and some of them in the Johnny Cash style
which Sherwin does so well.  It’s a real trip back in time, visiting
some old country tunes we don’t hear anymore.  It’s also a singular
tribute to those of us who spent time in the military, and it’s greatly
appreciated.  The ‘thank you’s’ weren’t very frequent at the end of the
Viet Nam war, but the military does get a lot of appreciation these days
as we look forward to more unrest and war on the horizon.  It’s our
freedoms that the military has established for all of us, and Sherwin
Linton takes a minute out of his busy musical career to thank each and
every one of us.  There’s 20 great songs on this compilation, 20 great
songs to bring back some incredible memories.  The final mix is great,
especially when it can be difficult to ‘match’ songs from different
recording sessions.  And, it takes awhile to listen to all of them.  I
can’t really ‘pick’ a favorite out of this smorgasbord of really good
music, so it’s a winner all the way around.



for Country Music News International 

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