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CD: SHERMAN LEE DILLON – State of the Blues

State of the Blues


Stack O Lee – Way Cool – Little Red Rooster –
Maybelline – Rock Me Baby – Spoonful – Trouble In Mind – Ashtray Taxi –
Crazy Little Girl – Mississippi Highway 3 – Devil With The Blue Dress
On – Good Mornin’ Little School Girl – On The Road Again – Jackson Stomp
I’ve listened to a lot of ‘blues’ singers and players, even
worked with John Hammond on one very memorable occasion opening for the
Byrds in Chicago.  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard creative blues in
the style of Sherman Dillon.  Originally from Mississippi, maybe still
is, this guy sounds black.  So does John Hammond, both are white.  Does
that make a difference.  No it does not, it’s the music that speaks for
itself, just the way Sherman Dillon wants it to.  He plays a National
resonator slide guitar, and adds some nice harmonica to it.  I’d prefer a
little singular cross-harp on the harmonica, but that’s only a personal
preference cause that’s how I play it.  I like the opening number,
though I remember it best entitled Stagolee, but it’s the same, oh my
no, not the same at all, this is a song taken over by Mr. Dillon. 
Actually Mr Dillon ‘takes over’ songs all the way from Chuck Berry to
true blues like Willie Dixon.  Recognizable, sure, the entire project is
the inspiration and talent of one man.  He changes it just enough to
make it totally interesting, and by simply adding  the tenor saxophone
and clarinet of Art Manchester he easily changes the entire variety
offering. Try ‘Spoonful’ and see what he cleverly does underneath the
electric pickin’ of Mike Paolucci.  Other interesting ‘changes’ includes
mandolin by Greg Lee, the hand percussion (I believe we call that
clapping in Iowa) and piano of Jack Radcliffe makes for another entrance
both interesting and entrancing.  Thoroughly enjoyable throughout, a
super mix of these very prevalent blues instruments.  Thought I heard a
false start on “Trouble In Mind” that should have been taken out before
the print. What a super total listening experience this is, especially
for someone who really likes the blues…nay nay nay  for anybody who
needs an introduction to creative blues, a project in the making. 
Sherman Lee Dillon is definitely going to the Rural Roots Music
Commission. That group has not had the opportunity to listen to blues of
this nature, so we’re sure going to be interested in how they qualify
this.  Obviously this is an ongoing experience, stay tuned.  Dillon is
on the Wepecket Island label easily found at www.wepecket.com.  Review is by www.ntcma.net reviewer Bob Everhart

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