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CD: SANDY MILLER – Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits


Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits
Smoke Along The Track – Don’t Anyone Make
Love At Home Anymore – The Threshold – Only 11 – Cowboy Boots &
Bathing Suits – West Texas Waltz – Tiny Little Circle – I’m Not Over You
– The Auctioneer – Where Angels Sing – My Baby’s Gone – Little But Loud
Sandy opens this remarkable ‘traditional’ country music CD
with a great up-tempo Stonewall Jackson song, “Smoke Along The Track.” 
It’s also remarkable that we still have this kind of dedicated country
singer of old recording style in America.  Quite simply, it’s amazingly
good.  Sandy is right on the mark.  She plays an acoustic bass guitar,
and she is also a songwriter, contributing two great songs to this great
project, “Only 11” and “Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits.”  She also
used some incredibly gifted musicians, especially the steel guitarist
that opens song number two with a super good lick.  Curt Shoemaker would
be that great steel player that makes all country singers sound great. 
He did it for me and my wife Sheila at the Wahoo Nebraska Festival a
couple of times, so we can readily recognize Sandy’s desire to have him
on this great traditional and classic country CD.  And, Sandy just belts
it right out there, just like it used to be.  She recorded this great
project at Power Base Studios under the direction of Dan Kane.  Her
brother Mike Kane provided harmony and rhythm guitar, and his wife Linn
did the great keyboard sound we hear.  Blaine Garrelts is on lead guitar
(another musician that makes it sound like it used to), add Deb Nelson
on drums and Mike O’Neel on fiddle, and you can begin to realize why
this is such an enjoyable listening experience.  It’s very obvious the
musicians working with Sandy are having a wonderful time making the
recording.  Traditional and classic country music is easy to identify if
you’ve ever heard it.  It’s very different from the pasteurized sound
we get in today’s so-called country music.  If you were to ask Sandy if
she listens to today’s country music, you’d probably just get a
head-shake no, and let it go at that.  She’s much to busy getting her
songs out to her fans.  Her song “Only 11” is just right on line with
that same beautiful story-telling ability that all great classic and
traditional country songwriters used in their presentations.  Her second
original “Cowboy Boots & Bathing Suits” tells about her own
geographical location of the North Loup River area in Nebraska.  I love
it.  Mostly because it’s so very ‘real.’  Off it goes to the Rural Roots
Music Commission for their listening pleasure.
for Country Music News International Magazine

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