CD Review: TONY RICHARDS – Most Requested


Most Requested
Country Chapel – Autumn Leaves – Old Cottage Home –
Endeavour’s Coming Home – Beautiful High Moors – Always A Welcome –
Going Home – Valley Of The Steam – Summertime – Light Of The World –
This Part Of The North – Reach Out Your Hand – Highway To Heaven – Emily
– Yorkshire – Dame Vera Lynn – Whitby Town – Mother’s Tears –
Springtime – Spirit Of The North
Tony Richards, at least to me is the best
‘real’ country and composer in Great Britain.  This CD is a welcome
addition to his many releases.  It’s the songs most requested by his
fans.  He’s been to America several times in his pursuit of keeping his
music legitimate and country.  I’ve had the pleasure of touring with
Tony in England, and by far the trip to Yorkshire and his beautiful town
of Whitby remains as one of my most memorable experiences touring
Europe for at least ten years. Tony, when he’s not singing and
composing, is a shepherd.  He keeps a large flock of sheep on his farm
outside Whitby.  A beautiful old stone house next to a brook that runs
down the hill, beneath a beautiful stone walk-way bridge.  What fond
memories I have of this trip, and what fond memories this very lovely CD
brings back to me.  I really enjoyed “Beautiful High Moors” very much,
mostly because it’s such a well written and executed song, but also
because Tony has taken me through the moors in the full moonlight and in
the beauty of the day.  The two memories blend into one.  “Always A
Welcome” is another of his wonderful songs, opening with a fine fiddle. 
The song follows directly after the High Moors, and is a direct
invitation to spend some time in his and his wife Ann’s beautiful, very
old stone home.  “Summertime” is not the summertime we know in America,
it’s another of Tony’s lovely songs.  Backing throughout this wonderful
musical experience is delightful all the way.  “Highway To Heaven” is
another really good song, intro by a banjo then later joined by fiddle,
and Tony happily singing the words that mean so much to him.  “Dame Vern
Lynn” is another super good song with an old train chugging through the
stereo whistling all the way.  A close Roy Acuff tribute, but Tony’s
voice is very Johnny Cash like making it a very special song in many
ways.  Good fiddle all the way through.  “Whitby Town” is another
favorite, the town itself is a lovely, very old port on the East side of
England.  Some of my memories, my wife Sheila’s and our daughter Bobbie
Lhea’s continually swing back to our time spent with Tony Richards. 
We’ll never be able to thank him and his lovely wife for their
exceptional hospitality and the opportunity to visit their delightful
sheep farm and of course their town, Whitby.  Off this one goes to the
Rural Roots Music Commission for their perusal. I hope they like it,
even though I have personal experience working with this delightful
RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Association For Country Music News International

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