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CD Review: Pegie Douglas & The Badger Sett Band – The Music of Badger Clark, Vol. 1 – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


The Music of Badger Clark, Vol. 1

Redwing – The Old Prospector –
The Free Wind – Anna Sweeney – A Cowboy’s Prayer – Spanish Is A Loving
Tongue – A Roundup Lullaby – Cottonwood Leaves – I Must Come Back

To hear a CD open with one of
the prettiest old-timey country songs (1907) ‘Redwing’ is in itself a
real treat. It’s also a very unique way to introduce the poetry of South
Dakota’s First Poet Laureate, Badger Clark.  Mr. Clark’s poetry is
quite obviously and easily transcribed to old-timey music melodies. 
That’s exactly what Pegie Douglas has done with the nice old-time sound
of the Badger Sett Band.  We also get to hear how the poetry sounds as a
narration by band member Ned Westphal who also plays acoustic guitar. 
Nicely done.  We get to hear some super nice old-time fiddle opening on
“The Free Wind.”  Katie Lautenschlager does a marvelous job making the
fiddle sound ‘old-time.’  I had the very good fortune of working with
Wilbur Foss (a super left handed fiddler) and the South Dakota old-time
fiddler’s group in Yankton.  This recording takes me right back to that
wonderful time of my own musical journey.  All of it pleasant, just as
this CD is.  Pegie Douglas grew up in North Carolina, her musical roots
however are from the prairieland of South Dakota. She was a Special
Education Teacher in North Carolina for 20 years, and with her abilities
with words, created “The Life And Music Of Badger Clark,” which
features stories about Badger Clark’s life and his poetry set to music. 
I find this a fascinating adventure, much like my own “How Western
Music Won The West” for the Smithsonian Institution. My how I’d like to
share this program with the same folks this band performs for in South
Dakota. It’s their authentic old-timey music effects I like best. 
Marcia Kenobbie does lead and harmony vocals and also plays the
mandolin.  Cheryl Janssens plays the bass and the hand drum.  Together
this band has gathered the ripened field of grain, call it old-time
music, utilize Badger Clark’s words in the threshing, and behold we have
one of the very best representative crops of what ‘old-time’ and
‘traditional’ music is all about.  What a wonderful rendition this
listen is.  Pegie and her musician friends have taken this program to
the stage at Tatanka Barn Theater at Custer State Park.

RECORD REVIEW BY Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association, www.music-savers.com for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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