CD Review: Parker Willingham – YOU GET ME EVERY TIME

Parker Willingham – YOU GET ME EVERY TIME

The new 11-track project from Parker Willingham
showcases an artist who is a combination of insightful songwriter and
above-average talented singer. In this new album,
Willingham comes across as a
rooted soul with more of an affinity for rural living and the seashore than
life in the big city. A self-described ‘easy-does-it’ guy, Willingham grew up
in the appropriately-named Niceville, Florida, and says you won’t hear any good
ol’ boy party anthems in his repertoire.
However, YOU GET ME EVERY TIME has plenty
of robust vigor with down to earth lyrics and strong, catchy melodies delivered
in Willingham’s sturdy and sometimes raspy voice.  In “Not Like Me” (a Willingham co-write with
Paula Hallmark, Bobby Walton and album producer Kate Hart) he strikes an
original note when he sings that he wants a girl “who ain’t like me.” He’s
looking for someone who’s a working contradiction who isn’t crazy like he is.
It’s his acknowledgement that opposites attract, and features a duet, with
female counterpoint, from Grace Goyer.
Willingham grew up listening to a diverse
range of music that includes Styx, Skynyrd, George Strait, Garth Brooks plus
blues, rock and reggae.  But in the songs
on this album, it’s possible hear hints of songwriters such as Jimmy Webb and
Kris Kristofferson in the way that his songs feel rooted in his vision of
small-town life and sometimes his experience as what he calls a ‘beach-dwelling
redneck’ before leaving the Florida panhandle for Nashville. Even in Music
City, there’s still some sand between his toes.  The self-penned “All Over You” evokes that
endless summer feel, spending time on the beach with someone special.
The tile track, “You Get Me Every Time,” is
a heartfelt love song with a great hook that should be killin’ it on Country
radio right now. “She can build me up, she can tear me down / Light up my
world, burn it to the ground / She’s all I want, couldn’t ask for more.”
Other standout tracks: “Flipside” [Yeah!
Long time since you heard someone say, “I’ll catch you on the flipside’!], the
evocative “Me Loving You,” and the ‘happy new love’ vibe of the final track,
the Nial Goodridge Hay-penned “We Got It Alright.”
More about Willingham at
and videos (“All Over You,” “Cold Creek,” etc) at YouTube.

CD Review by Preshias Harris for Country Music News International
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