CD Review: New Legacy – One Day At A Time – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


One Day At A Time

Be Movin – Come and Dine – Cross Your Heart – I Need You More Today –
Come Unto Me – One Day At A Time – The Middle Man – He Loves Me – Good
Old Gospel Singing – I Found The Way

super good bluegrass-gospel band is led by young banjo player Nathan
Gates, who also doubles on bass, guitar, mandolin, lead and harmony
vocals.  I’m sure that even Father-Gates would be among the first to
admit the entire family has been behind the musical aspirations of
son-Nathan.  Indeed, Nathan is one of those musicians that has the
qualifications of music well written on his heart and soul.  This is an
extremely well done, down-to-earth CD with the whole family
participating.  That’s what is important, especially in Gospel music. 
Would Jesus say, ‘no you can’t participate.’  NO, He would never say
that, ever.  That’s why I find this particular album so warm and easy to
listen to. There are other music makers helping out too: Craig Gates,
Rachael Gates, Grace Gates, and Faith Gates on lead and harmony vocals. 
“Harmony” is an aspiration Nathan looks for, just as he produced and
engineered this project.  Robert Hauser is on cello and bass, and Kemedy
Hauser on fiddle.  All in all, a very very nice Bluegrass-Gospel band. 
We really need this ‘down-home’ approach to music so we can get more
‘regular’ folks listening.  Music is not a competition, or a contest, or
even a private experience.  Music is for everyone.  That’s part of what
Nathan hears in his own musical ear.  This music is for everyone.   And
the message Nathan wants us to hear?   “God tells us not to worry,
about tomorrow, and not to be anxious, but tells us to take one day at a
time, because His mercies are new every morning.”  I think it is Nathan
who is singing the ‘lead’ to this very song, and he expresses it
exactly the way Jesus wanted him to do that. What a nice rendition it is
too.  Lots of extremely good fiddle in it.  New Legacy makes their home
in Bloomington, Illinois.  They have kept intact a traveling musical
ministry featuring bluegrass Christian music.  Their uplifting harmony
is a touch-stone to experience…simply…a marvelous listening
adventure.  I love all that New Legacy is doing with their music.  Still
time to send this remarkable musical listening experience off to the
Rural Roots Music Commission who still have several months to pick their
‘CD of the Year’ awards which will be made at our new location and
date, the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Nebraska, October

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., for Country Music News International

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