CD Review: Larry M. Clark – Killer Possum – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Killer Possum

We Still Love You JLL – Jones Box – Morning
Mourning – Never Get To Nashville – Don’t Leave Me Alone – Who Pulled
Your Chain? – Love Is Like A Leaf – Bill Playing Blues – Least of All –
Alcohol Atmosphere – Navy Blue – I Get The Blues

Larry Clark is a songwriter.  This interesting
collection of originals certainly takes care of some of his influences. 
The opening song is definitely a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis.  Song
number two is a take on George Jones.  His third song “Morning Mourning”
is definitely an original song written with the influence of the
‘Father of Country Music” JImmie Rodgers.  “Who Pulled Your Chain” is
definitely a ‘take’ on Ray Stevens.  “Alcohol Atmopsphere” takes us
right back to the 70’s and 80’s when ‘real’ country songwriters were
very interested in what happens at Tootsie’s Purple Orchid.  Drinking
possibly was what was happening.  Maybe the old Chief was participating
there too.  “Navy Blue” is definitely what Larry Clark is.  He’s a Chief
Petty Officer who served in the United States Navy.  Interesting. 
Especially since I also served in the Navy.  Good song actually, perhaps
one of his better ones on this CD.  Last song “I Get The Blues” almost
takes us back to ‘rag-time’ and some super neat piano riffs.  Larry was
known as “The Old Chief” maybe he still is, but he has been entertaining
for over thirty years, and now spends a majority of his time writing
songs in various country styles.  He served in VietNam and is a disabled
vet. Enough ‘need’ right there to take a listen to what the ‘old Chief’
is thinking about and writing about these days. What’s really kind of
neat with this paticular project is the musicians Larry used to make
this CD.  They are incredibly good, which means the old Chief ‘knows’
what he wants his songs to sound like. I recognized the harmonica player
right off the bat, mostly because he’s a good friend.  His name is
Charlie McCoy.  The musicians had a good time in the studio with the old
Chief. They not only ‘liked’ what they were doing a lot, they
definitely enjoyed putting a nice professional ‘touch’ on each and every
song.  Other musicians include: Catherine Marx; Dug Grieves; Joe
Spivey; Kerry Marx; Larry Paxton; Steve Holland; Steve Hinson; all
produced by Mark Moseley who did a nice job putting a terrific mix on
some songs that might sound ‘dated.’  But ‘dated’ I like because
Nashville country music today is indeed….NOT country at all.  Good
going Chief….keep em’ coming.

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, PRES., National Traditional Country Music Assn., for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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