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CD Review: Jonalee White and the Late-Night Drivers – by Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

Jonalee White and the Late-Night

White and the Late-Night Drivers

Truck Stopped Here 3:26 Day One 3:06
Turn This Car Around 3:36 What in This World 4:29

Love it Like That 2:56 Drive 3:16
Real 4:00 Wild Girls 3:23 Holy Water 4:00 Over You 3:53 Party Down 3:41

Song for the Road 3:42

we just celebrated the 4th of July. Yet, I did nothing but watch TV,
and most people I know did the same. This year it just didn’t feel like anyone
was celebrating really. I mean, I remember years before where I was lighting
off fireworks, having parties, everyone screaming and having a good time. But,
this year the whole atmosphere was different.

Let me start off on this review.
Alright, Truck Stopped Here, so far, I am far from impressed. This song
is one of those songs that may be alright to play as background/elevator music,
but if you ask me, is just your atypical run-of-the-mill country song that you
may here at any truck-stop in the Midwest. It’s a very mellow ballad that
lyrically is a remembrance song about her father by way of his truck.

Day One, opens up with some nice acoustic
picking. This song picks up the pace a bit. It even has a fiddle in the
background. It’s not a bad song and Jonalee White has a good voice. I don’t
know what it is about it, but this album is just not connecting with me in the
slightest. I know they’ve had 5 top forty singles and have been at CMA, etc.
They do have a fairly large following, but really, it’s not working for me at

Turn This Car Around, opens with an electric riff. And I
believe it is a keyboard, maybe a mandolin also. I sear it sounds like a
fiddle, but maybe that is just the keyboard with a fiddle button. The bridge
toward the middle of the tune is really nice I could understand how this could
be a single that either reached or will reach the billboards. Lyrically, it is
a chic song. She has to turn her car around and fight for her love, being the

What in This World, is a very beautiful song, both
lyrically and musically. It would be a good tune to just sit back and relax to
after work. Drive, begins with a beautiful keyboard riff, when her
vocals come in it really adds to this song.

Wild Girls, is a bit more of a show tune it
sounds like to me. I could imagine this at a country bar I go to. You can just
imagine the line dancing, the boots kicking up, maybe even a few skirts as

This entire album is almost a
remembrance of her youth, her father, some of her ex-boyfriends I assume. The
only exception to this is Holy Water. And, the is actually the song I
enjoyed the most. Some male sings that, I imagine it is one of the Late-Night
Drivers. I think the writing is exceptional because it has that raw real tug at
the heart. The emotion comes across with each lyric sung. It was a good album
all together. It is extremely well produced.

Frost for Country Music News International

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