CD Review: JOHNNY CASH & JERRY LEE LEWIS – Sunday Down South


Sunday Down South
(Johnny Cash) If The Good Lord’s Willing – I
Was There When It Happened – Remember Me – Belshazah – Goodnight Irene
…..(Jerry Lee Lewis) Will The Circle Be Unbroken – Old Time Religion –
Carry Me Back To Old Virginia – When The Saints Go Marching In – Silver
Wow what a nice birthday treat, this
remarkable CD from Bill & Karen Kurth, good supporters of old-time
country music and the Oak Tree Opry where they gave me this musical
treat on my 81st birthday.  I’ve liked both of these artists since I was
a boy.  This particular CD is available at the Cracker Barrel
Restaurant Store.  For those who might not know what that is, it’s a
restaurant that specializes in old style farm style country cooking. 
Delicious food, and the CD is too.  There’s even a couple of songs on
this one that I hadn’t heard before, so Sun Records who owns all of the
publishing rights for both of these super-star artists must have
released some ‘vault’ recordings. It’s the original Sun Records label on
the record, who cool is that.  Johnny Cash never changes, he is always
super, no matter what.  Same for Jerry Lee Lewis.  Both of them came
from very poor backgrounds, and both of them went on to become idols in
the country music world with their songs.  Both of them also managed to
capture the youths who also like rock and roll.  The Johnny Cash ‘sound’
is apparent in every one of his songs.  Jerry Lee Lewis doesn’t
‘change’ his style either very much.  He’s a monster on the piano, and
he really knows how to use his voice.  All of these songs by both
artists, are not well known ones by either one of them, but they speak
just as loud today as they certainly did when they were creating ‘hits’
every time they went in the studio.  Johnny Cash (died in 2003) is
considered by many, me included, to be one of the most influential
American musicians of the 20th century.  And, Jerry Lee Lewis born in
1935 is still the ‘Killer.’ a country and rock and roll singer,
songwriter, and a well known pianist.  Rolling Stone Magazine ranked him
#24 on their list of 100 greatest artists of all time. Together this
makes a most interesting ‘package’ of music to listen to.  I really
liked Cash’s “Goodnight Irene” he really took me back in time to
Leadbelly’s amazing creative period.  Lewis does the same thing with
‘Circle.’  His voice is especially suited to this song, and he sings it
really well with a lot of feeling. Lewis’s “Carry Me Back To Old
Virginia” has a real neat ‘shuffle’ sound to it, fun to listen to. 
 “Silver Threads” definitely has a Fats Domino effect in it.  Both of
these incredible artists is a real treat to listen to, and fans of
either or both should have this in their collection of great music to
listen to. I’m sure a trip to the Cracker Barrel to get some really good
roast beef, brown gravy, and mashed potatoes is a good time to pick
this album up.  

RECORD REVIEW BY BOB EVERHART, President: National Traditional Country Music Assn.  for Country Music News International

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