CD Review: John Rex Reeves – Great Country Classics – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


Great Country Classics

World Of Memories – Almost Persuaded – Four Walls – The Box – I Believe
– Am I That Easy To Forget – Your Memory Strikes Again – I Feel Right
At Home Loving You – Aren’t You Ever Gonna Cry? – I’d Fight The World –
I’m Just A Gambling Man – Blue Berry Hill – Valley Of Tears – I’m
Walking To New Orleans

Rex Reeves has been a close friend of mine for quite a few years now. 
We’ve done tons of shows together, and he has been one of the most
popular performers we have ever booked on our festivals and concert
halls in Iowa.  This brand new recording by Rex is without a doubt a
much needed ‘reminder’ to many of us what country music was all about in
the past.  And on top of that, what country music SHOULD be all about
in today’s world.  John Rex is the nephew of Jim Reeves, so you already
know where his love for music is, and what it sounds like, and what it
should sound like.  John is without a doubt the best Jim Reeves singer
alive today.  His concerts are as good as his recordings, and I’m so
happy to hear his newest release.  He only uses the very best backing
musicians in the studio, and with Doyle Grisham co-producing this most
welcome musical treat, we get some ‘real’ country music back in our
lives. It is going to be very hard for me to pick a ‘favorite’ out of
this remarkable line up of great songs, including an original by John “I
Feel Right At Home Loving You.” This is a great original song, written
to and for Neva, the love of his life.  And, he didn’t forget his uncle
by doing some of my favorite Jim Reeves hits.  I also love the way John
takes a song like Johnny Paycheck’s “My World Of Memories” and makes it
his own.  He does the same thing with Charlie Louvin’s “Aren’t You Ever
Gonna Cry?”  BUT, the best treat is John’s wonderful tribute to Fats
Domino with the three closing songs.  I can best describe what I’m
hearing by quoting John himself, “You have heard me say many times that I
grew up listening to country music on the Louisiana Hayride.  On this
CD I have chosen some of my favorite country songs and a small touch of
Fats Domino.”  What a treat!  Fats was a 50’s rock and roller that liked
country music too.  Doyle Grisham’s production on all three songs is
just great, even keeping a little country ‘in’ it.  John still makes his
home in Humble, Texas, and he still keeps his music ‘country.’  I
really like what all the musicians are doing, from a smooth sounding
mandolin to a really neat Fats Domino piano.  And of course all the
instrumentation that Jim Reeves used when he was in the studio.  What a
‘real’ treat this one is.

Record review by Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Association. for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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  1. Hey Bob, I'd like to say Thank you for a nice review on John Rex Reeves, I most certainly will listen to it soon.

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