CD Review: Jimmy Fortune – Hits and Hyms

Jimmy Fortune – Hits and Hyms

Elizabeth, Life’s Railway to Heaven, Danny
Boy, More Than A Name On The Wall, Far Side Banks of Jordan, Precious Memories,
Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Rock Of Ages, I Believe, How Great Thou Art, In
The Sweet By And By, Too Much On My Heart, Amazing Grace, It Was God, Victory
In Jesus
Jimmy Fortune is dressing the album “Hits
and Hyms with heavy inspiration deeply rooted in the beauty of Truth and Light.  It contains gems we can treasure and apply in
our everyday life.  He wrote “Elizabeth,
More Than A Name On The Wall, Too Much On My Heart” and partnered with Gaither
Music.  Nothing can replace the
life-changing values we get from this album. 
The songs are intended to enhance our relationship with the people
around us and to our Creator, the One who Savds us.  He does it in a classic, gospel, country beat
style, featuring laidback instrumentals with a waterfall flow rhythm that
brings enlightenment and direction. 
The lonely echoes of the guitar and the
fiddle in the track “Elizabeth” drowns with the singer’s vocals longing for the
woman.  It’s spotlighting Jimmy Fortune’s
wonderful memories with Elizabeth and detailing his fight with brokenness.  “Life’s Railway to Heaven” starts with the
beautiful upbeat sound of the fiddle, banjo, guitar and the drums.  The country beat revitalizes your spirit.  It features a foot tapping beat that reminds
me so much about Jacob’s dream about the ladder and the angels that goes up and
down it.  “Far Side Banks of Jordan” is
preparing to meet with the Maker.  It
reflects Jimmy’s spiritual preparation, tuning his heart with God’s heart before
crossing the other side, the unknown since the world has a dulling effect on
people’s spiritual sensibilities.  The
acapela intro in “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” is an echo of the choir in the
movie “Sister Act”  The uplifting string
riffs waxes a love that has no limits as vocals endears us to walk with Jesus
and as we do so, it leads us to experience something we’ve never dreamed
of.  We see brokenness turned into
something beautiful, made whole and restored, healed.  We are fully aware that in this world there
are temptations, trials that catch people by surprise and singing “Rock of
Ages”  is the key to deliverance.  We are safe and secured in Jesus who
strengthens and protects us from any form of harm or danger.  If you’re in form of temptations or trials,
sing this song, it will help you to be steadfast and it will encourage
you.  “Amazing Grace” describes the
attitude that we ought to characterize as we relate to one another.  Expressing kindness, be others-centered
instead of being self-centered, being sensitive to the feelings of others,
having a forgiving heart and showing compassion to the people around us.  This track helps us build these qualities in
our hearts so we will be blessed and our lives will be a blessing others around
us.  Sometimes we grow weary in our
journey especially when we face trials in life. 
“Hits and Hymns” album is a music of refreshment, it will comfort you
and rejuvenate your soul. 
REVIEW BY STELLA TABELON – Music Journalist, Country Music News International 

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