CD Review: Dale Heeren – What A Friend – by Bob Everhart for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show


What A Friend

I Saw The Light – Precious Lord, Take My Hand –
What A Friend We Have In Jesus – Send Down Your Chariot Lord – The Old
Rugged Cross – In The Garden – The Master Lives (Easter Story) – Amazing
Grace – I’ll Fly Away – How Great Thopu Art – vThe Holy City – God Be
With You Till We Meet Again

Kitty Creek Records, who has just released this
marvelous old-timey gospel CD, is 23 years old.  Dale Heeren and his
wife Jeanne have been involved with helping keep old-timey country,
traditional and classic country music alive and well by doing superb
sound for some of the festivals that feature that kind of music,
including Sheila and my festivals over the years.  It has always been a
magnificent experience for us to ‘listen’ to the old-time music
amplified just right to accommodate even the hard of hearing.  I’ve
heard Dale leave the sound board to fill a vacant spot when someone
didn’t show up for their spot, and I knew then that his voice is exactly
what’s ‘right’ about the older style of country and gospel music.  It
has to have sincerity in it, and Dale certainly does have that.  He also
‘knows’ which of the older gospel songs older people like, and he
picked a glorious selection of super good songs we all know and admire. 
Dale’s voice is right there where it needs to be, and reminds me of
when Red Foley began his career in country music.  Dale would be one of
our ‘better’ traditional country singers if given half a chance.  Two
songs on this very easy to listen to album are Dale originals…”The
Master Lives” and “Send Down Your Chariot Lord” (an up-tempo fun song
to listen to, and ultimately sing along with).  Dale has a group called
the Kitty Creek Quartet that helps him with some of the backing, and
certainly providing some easy to listen to harmonies behind Dale’s
lead.  Those of us who have a rural gospel upbringing desire this kind
of gospel presentation.  We’re not looking for rockets and fireworks to
hear the words we admire about our Lord Jesus Christ.  Being old-timey,
we like it with truth, sincerity, and lovely talent to make it work for
us, and that is exactly what Dale has done with this project.  I
especially enjoyed Dale’s ‘Easter Story’ it is so very important to all
of us, and it’s all true.  Backing music is a one of those magical
computer ‘programs’ you can get today, however Dale ‘knows’ how to use
it properly, and it sure does sound nice.  This album will be heard more
than once by this old country boy, and I’m sure that’s going to happen
with others who will hear it.  Since we’re all buckled down in our homes
waiting for this virus to go away, you might want to contact Dale at
Kitty Creek Records, 308 W. South St., Monticello, Iowa, 52310.  Not
sure of the cost, but I think $15 will buy you a super nice listening

RECORD REVIEW BY Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn., for Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Show

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